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When choosing quotes for girls room you have to find something that is just right! Something determined and whimsical with a touch of fun! Best Quotes for Girls | best Quotes | Girls Room Decor Ideas | Best Girls Decor Ideas | Inspirational Quotes for Girls | Motivational Quotes for Girls

Quotes for Girls Room | Inspirational Quote Ideas for Bedroom Walls

It’s not a secret that here at Best Of Life, we love quotes! There is always a quote that can make you smile, make you think, or give you a great comeback when you are feeling a little sarcastic. There are even quotes out there that are perfect for making things like change and life […]

Sure, Netflix is great, but there are also a lot of the best feel good movies on Amazon Prime that you can enjoy alone or with friends and loved ones. Best Movies on Amazon Prime | Best Movies to Stream | Best Feel Good Movies to Strem | Best Feel Good Movies

Best Feel Good Movies on Amazon Prime

Streaming movies, music, and other entertainment has become pretty much “standard” for many people. More and more of us are going cable free and just getting our entertainment from streaming sources like Netflix, Hulu, Roku, Amazon Prime, Google Chromecast, Apple TV, and more. It seems like everyday there is a new system or service that […]

We are all getting ready to ring in the new year. These quotes will help you get the year started off on the right foot! Cheers to a new year! New Year Quotes | Quotes for New Years Eve | Quotes for the New Year | Best Quotes for New Years | Inspirational Quotes for New Years | Motivational Quotes for New Years

Best Quotes to Ring in the New Year

As we conclude 2016 and prepare to ring in the new year I’m sure we all have a mixed bag of emotions. I wouldn’t be so bold as to proclaim 2016 the worst year in history but it has been rather tough for a lot of folks. Instead of looking back of the struggles we’ve […]

When neighbors are rude you have to decide how to react. Sometimes a little sass can go a long way. How to be Neighborly | What to do When Neighbors are Rude | Lifestyle Tips | Tips for Real Life

When Neighbors Are Rude | What to Do

Most of us will have neighbors at some time or another in our life. If you are lucky enough to make it through life without ever encountering neighbors you should count yourself extremely lucky. When neighbors are rude it puts you in a really tough spot. For me, that tough spot is figuring out how […]

Life's going to be full of natural disasters, it doesn't matter if they are big or small you can clean them up with sarcasm! Tips for Life | How to Use Sarcasm | Best Tips for Life | Best Tips for Sarcasm | Easy Tips for Sarcasm

How to Clean up Life’s Natural Disasters with Sarcasm

Sometimes there comes a moment when sarcasm is the only option. Often, the only way you an keep from being completely and totally dragged down by life’s natural disasters is by picking yourself back up with sarcasm. If you find yourself bogged down by some new natural disasters I’m here to help! It’s a simple process […]

If you're an adult female who is childfree I'm sure you've answered the questions plenty of times. It really is okay to be childfree until you're ready! Tips for Life | Best Tips for Life | Making Life Decisions | How to Make Life Decisions | Should I Have Children | Do I Have to Have Children | Becoming a Parent | Should I Be a Parent

Why It’s Okay to be Childfree Until You are Ready

Somewhere along the line, the traditional role of women shifted. They forgot to send out a mass memo letting people know about this change though. Because not everyone seems to know, or understand, that it’s okay for women to have a life outside of children we get to answer a lot of fun questions. I’ll […]

Get your friends together for a fright night fest with these scary Halloween movies! #Movies #HorrorMovies #ScaryMovies #WhattoWatch #Halloween

Best Scary Halloween Movies of all Time

Halloween is a fun time of year. Adults and children alike get to dress up, act crazy, and have some fun. Any holiday that glorifies candy and being scared at the same time is pretty great in my book!  One of the most fun things that I enjoy doing during the fall is picking out […]

There are TONS of great Pokestops in San Diego. This is a guide on where to go to make the most of your Pokemon Go trips in San Diego! #sandiego #pokemon #pokemongo #pokestops #mobilegaming #gaming #gamer

Best Pokestops in San Diego

Poekmon Go is still sweeping the nation and perhaps the world, one mobile device at time. With the slated release of the Pokemon Go for WatchOS and the stand alone Pokemon Go wearable device the game is more popular than ever. In San Diego there are TONS of Pokestops. Pokestops are a great way to […]

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