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We are all getting ready to ring in the new year. These quotes will help you get the year started off on the right foot! Cheers to a new year! New Year Quotes | Quotes for New Years Eve | Quotes for the New Year | Best Quotes for New Years | Inspirational Quotes for New Years | Motivational Quotes for New Years

Best Quotes to Ring in the New Year

As we conclude 2016 and prepare to ring in the new year I’m sure we all have a mixed bag of emotions. I wouldn’t be so bold as to proclaim 2016 the worst year in history but it has been rather tough for a lot of folks. Instead of looking back of the struggles we’ve […]

Life's going to be full of natural disasters, it doesn't matter if they are big or small you can clean them up with sarcasm! Tips for Life | How to Use Sarcasm | Best Tips for Life | Best Tips for Sarcasm | Easy Tips for Sarcasm

How to Clean up Life’s Natural Disasters with Sarcasm

Sometimes there comes a moment when sarcasm is the only option. Often, the only way you an keep from being completely and totally dragged down by life’s natural disasters is by picking yourself back up with sarcasm. If you find yourself bogged down by some new natural disasters I’m here to help! It’s a simple process […]

Get your friends together for a fright night fest with these scary Halloween movies! #Movies #HorrorMovies #ScaryMovies #WhattoWatch #Halloween

Best Scary Halloween Movies of all Time

Halloween is a fun time of year. Adults and children alike get to dress up, act crazy, and have some fun. Any holiday that glorifies candy and being scared at the same time is pretty great in my book!  One of the most fun things that I enjoy doing during the fall is picking out […]

Sarcasm is so much fun and sometimes social media is the perfect platform for sharing great quotes. These are great quotes when you're feeling sarcastic! #sarcastic #quotes #funnyquotes #funny #humor #laugh

Great Quotes when you are Feeling Sarcastic

We’ve all been there…someone says something that totally sets you up for the best and most sarcastic comeback. Those are typically the moments when I shine the brightest! I love sarcasm. Sarcasm is so much fun and at times it can be a little bit mean. Luckily most of the time it’s just a witty […]

By knowing the health benefits of chocolate you can enjoy sweets in combination with a healthy lifestyle. Everything in moderation, right? #chocolate #health #healthtips #healthyliving #healthylifestyle #nutrition #nutritiontips

Health Benefits of Chocolate | What Makes Chocolate Healthy?

It’s no secret that there are health benefits of Chocolate. We have been warned and encouraged over the years about eating chocolate, drinking wine, and a host of other drinks and foods that could either hurt or benefit us depending on who is writing the article. Before we begin looking at the health benefits of […]

The best feel good movies make you laugh, they lift your spirits, and they make the world look like the place we hope for it to be! #movies | Best Movies to Watch | Feel Good Movies | Best Classic Movies | What to Watch

Best Feel Good Movies that Make Everything Alright

There are some movies out there that always make me feel great about the world. Feel good movies are great for watching when you need a “pick me up”, they’re also great when you just need something to watch that isn’t too heavy or intense. Feel good movies remind us to look for good in […]

Sometimes the best thing to do after a long hard day is to snuggle up win front of the TV with some awesome feel good movies on Netflix. #netflix #streaming #movies | Best Things to Watch on Netflix | What to Watch on Netflix

Best Feel Good Movies on Netflix

We all have bad days; there’s just times when life gets ahead of you and everything seems to go the wrong way. On days like that there’s only one thing that can help: a great movie. When life gets you down a great feel good movie can help cheer you up! Netflix is a great […]

There are plenty of Pokestops scattered all over the country. These are the best Pokestops in Orange County, collect supplies, catch Pokemon, and have fun! #pokemongo #pokemon #orangecounty | Best Places to Play Pokemon Go in Orange County | Best Pokestops in Orange County | Where to Play Pokemon Go in Orange County

Best Pokestops in Orange County

Pokemon Go is alive and well, after bursting onto the scene not too long ago it has gained popularity among children, adults, and millennials alike! If you are an active Pokemon Go user then you probably know what a Pokestop is…if not, I’ll explain! Pokestops are the places scattered throughout the game that you can […]

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