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Fans of the show are sure to recognize these spots! Check out these Californication Season 2 Filming Locations the next time you are in the LA area. #californication #filming #tv | Where are the Californication Filming Locations | Where was Californication Filmed | TV Filming Locations in SoCal

Best Californication Season 2 Filming Locations

Californication ran for many seasons on Showtime. Hank and the crew entertained fans for 7 seasons in many of these recognizable LA hot spots! The great thing about shows like Californication, that are shot on location, is that you can go and visit the scene in real life. The Californication Season 2 is no different […]

Pokemon Go is taking over the globe. These Pokemon Go Cheats and Hacks are simple ways to get ahead in the game a little more easily! Cheats for Pokemon Go | Hacks for Pokemon Go | How to Play Pokemon Go | Best Pokemon Go Tips #pokemon #pokemongo #hacks #cheats

Best Pokemon Go Cheats and Hacks

Pokemon Go (in case you haven’t heard) is a new and hugely popular game! The game requires you to suit up as a trainer and head out into the world to “catch em’ all”! This can be a challenging task in a lot of ways; you have to do some traveling, walking, you might even […]

If you're a fan of Californication you probably already know that most of the show was filmed in California. This list of the best Californication Season 1 Filming Locations will make it easy for you to visit all your favorite hot spots! Californication Filming Locations | Where Was Californication Filmed | Where are the Californication Filming Spots #Californication #filming #california #travel

Best Californication Season 1 Filming Locations

Californication is a hit show from HBO about Hank Moody, New Yorker turned Californian, who suffers from writers block…along with a series full of other issues. Californication is different than most shows in that it was largely filmed in LA and the surrounding areas. These are the Best Californication Season 1 Filming Locations! You can […]

In case you've been living under a rock, let me fill you in: Pokemon Go is the newest mobile game released by Nintendo and it's taking over the world! Best Tips for Pokemon Go | How to Play Pokemon Go | How to Become a Pokemon Master #pokemongo #game #howto

Best Pokemon Go Tips to Know so you Can Win

It’s been on the news, all over the web, and it’s slowly making it’s way onto every smartphone: Pokemon Go! This new mobile game was recently released by Nintendo and since, has become enormously popular with children, millennials, and adults alike. Since the game is so popular we thought that a list of tips might […]

If you are a fan of the hit show Californication then this list is for you! These are some of the best Californication filming locations that you can visit! Things to do in California | Where was Californication Filmed | California Travel Tips #traveltips #californication #filming #tourists

Best Californication Filming Locations to Visit

If you are headed to California for a vacation or business trip you can check out some of these popular Californication filming locations. Most of these are not marked or anything “official” so you will have to keep your eyes peeled for a behind the scenes type glimpse! Other locations are actual stores, bars, and […]

The Fourth of July, as you already know, is Independence Day in the USA. Here are some Fourth of July facts that you might not know! US History Facts | Things to Know About Fourth of July | History of the Fourth of July #fourthofjuly #history #facts #USA

Best Fourth of July Facts to Know

In the United States we celebrate on the Fourth of July. Historically we were celebrating gaining our Independence from Britain. There are many well known facts about this historic event. What you might not realize is that there are also a lot a lot of little known details that make July Fourth such an interesting […]

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