Best Apps for the Millennial Generation

Best Apps For The Millennial Generation
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One of the great benefits of growing up in the millennial generation is the technology. As millennials we grew up with technology; we invented new, creative uses for it, we socialize on it, and now we even find dates on it! Those millennials who are able to embrace technology have lives that pretty much begin and end with devices of some sort. It seems only natural that millennials use apps more than any other generation. Knowing how to take full advantage of different apps can really make a difference! The millennial generation gets the most use out of technology and apps because they are able to take full advantage of everything that technology has to offer. The more an app is used and understood, the more power it has for good…and bad. In fact, some of the best apps for millennials are made specifically FOR the millennial generation. If you’re a millennial and you’re not using these apps you should probably change that…ASAP! If you’re not a millennial but want to take full advantage of the technology available to you, these are the apps that can help you do just that. 

The best apps for the millennial generation are really for anyone who wants to use them. They’re an awesome way to simplify and enhance your daily life.


What could possibly be better when you are needing a ride than simply pressing a button, and having someone pick you up and within minutes? Well here in the golden age of technology that is totally possible! Uber is very easy to use and as a ride scheduling service it can’t be beat! You simply log into the app, tell it where you need to go, and you have options available right away!

Offer Up or Let Go (Either one works and they’re both the same)

As a millennial, I love saving money where I can. We’re so used to apps and technology that help us buy awesome items secondhand that we have no gripes about buying from a neighbor. After all, isn’t that the perfect way to support your community? Buying and selling close to home are easier than ever with Offer up and Let Go. These are two apps that work the same way and they allow you to sell or buy used items from people near you. 

Banking App

This one is a bit generic because it depends on your chosen bank. However, if your bank has an app available you should definitely be using it to make banking easier than ever! You can scan and deposit checks on the go, transfer funds with just a few clicks, and many banks are now offering free credit monitoring services through their apps as well! 

Quick side note: As I write this, I’m hearing a lot of buzz about millennials and their finances. Yes, I care about my finances personally, but I can’t speak for everyone in my generation.


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