Best Reasons to Go Whitewater Rafting

Whitewater Rafting Riding The Bull
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I went on a trip to Salt Lake City and spent more time in Park City, Utah. One of the many things I did in Park City was visiting All Seasons Adventures. I’m naming them not because they gave me a free trip, or paid me in any way, but because I had an absolutely awesome time. With All Seasons Adventures, I went whitewater rafting. After one trip down a class 2 rapids, I’m hooked and want to learn enough to get in on some class 5 action. Even though the pros will tell you there are better places to go specifically for whitewater rafting, I choose Utah. Mainly because I’ve never been there, and I am aiming to see the world.

I learned a lot about whitewater rafting and want to convince you to do the same.

Whitewater rafting is something we should all add to our bucket list! From the adrenaline fix to adventure there is a lot to enjoy about it.


Alright, let’s be real, the pictures will tell you that I went through some exciting class 4 or 5 rapids. However, I’m not going to lie to you; they were class 2 rapids if that. However, I think it was an excellent introduction to the possible adrenaline rushes I can get during a class 5. If you don’t know, class 5 is essentially the highest you can go through; class 6 is just nuts.


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