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Make sure you get the best flavors intended with every pour by using a wine temperature guide for both red and white wines. How Warm to Serve Red Wine | What Temp to Serve Merlot | What Temp to Serve Cabernet Sauvignon | What Temp to Serve Chardonnay | What Temp to Serve Riesling | What Temp to Serve Zinfandel | What Temp to Serve Red Wines | What Temp to Serve White Wines

Wine Temperature Guide for Red and White Wines

As a beverage, wine boasts many unique qualities. For example, many assume that a wine’s flavors improve over time. While this can be true, the unique flavors of a wine come more from the process by which it was made, how it was stored during fermentation, and even the temperature. We don’t have control over […]

There are many flavors to choose from, and when you learn how to make Jello shots quick you can get the party started even faster! Jello Shot Recipes | Jello Shots Ideas | Party Recipes | Happy Hour Recipes | Cocktail Recipes | Recipes for Adults

How to Make Jello Shots QUICK

Jello shots are an instant party. A true crowd-pleaser, not just for the college crowd, but for casual, fun-loving party-goers everywhere. But first, you need to know how to make Jello shots quick so you can hurry up and get the party started. There are many flavors to choose from when making Jello shots. Once you […]

Use the best buffalo chicken dip instant pot recipes to turn your game day into a game day celebration to remember. Instant Pot Dip Recipes | Game Day Recipes | Super Bowl Party Recipes | Buffalo Chicken Recipes | Buffalo Chicken Instant Pot Recipes

Buffalo Chicken Dip Instant Pot Recipes that are Perfect for Game Day

There are many different foods that are perfect for game day, most of which are finger foods. Finger foods often require dips, which are the next most common foods found at a game day party and the best dip could very well be buffalo chicken dip. Now, you can use your pressure cooker to make […]

Save yourself some time and energy by using the best party planning checklist printables to help you plan your party. #party #planning #organized | Best Party Planning Tools | Free Party Checklist Printables | best Party Planning Checklists

50 Party Planning Checklist Printables | Party Templates

 One of the best ways to plan a party is to have a checklist. Party planning checklist printables are the easiest way to get a checklist put together. Especially since the last thing you want to do is plan out the planning of the party. Planning a party takes a lot of work and anyone […]

Shark Week Desserts are perfect for every night of Shark Week and will help you host a killer Shark Week party! Best Shark Week Recipes | Desserts for Shark Week | Shark Week Desserts | Shark Themed Desserts #sharkweek #desserts #recipes

15 Shark Week Desserts | Killer Dessert Recipes and Ideas

 With 7 days of Shark-based programming and star-studded specials featuring even Michael Phelps and Shaq, how can you not clear the pools and beaches and settle in, in front of your TV for the adventure? To make the week even sweeter, whip up some shark week desserts for your family to enjoy.   It takes […]

There are many ways to keep the costs down when expecting a child and one way is to use any of these DIY gender reveal ideas. #babyshower #DIY #party | Best Gender Reveal Ideas | DIY Gender Reveal Ideas | Gender Reveal Party Ideas

DIY Gender Reveal Ideas that Don’t Cost a Fortune

From the moment parents learn they are expecting, all the way to the child’s birth, mothers and fathers experience a range of emotions. One of the more common emotions felt is excitement — especially over discovering the baby’s gender. One exciting way to find out early is through a gender reveal celebration. Whether the parents […]

These baby boy gift ideas will make you look like a gift buying pro! Everyone will love these top-rated baby boy gift ideas. Gift Ideas for Baby Boy | Best Baby Boy Gift Ideas | Affordable Baby Boy Gift Ideas | Gift Ideas for Boys | Gift Ideas for Baby Boy | Baby Shower Gifts | Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Baby Boy Gift Ideas that Rock

 We want our babies to have amazing blankets, clothes, toys, bottles, the works; more than that, we want them to have awesome gifts that will make both their life, and mom and dad’s life easier! Now you can look like the rockstar friend, aunt, uncle, etc. with these baby boy gift ideas that rock. Lately, […]

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