Jello shots don’t have to be made with vodka and the best jello shots with rum recipes prove that with every shot you take. Jello Shots with Coconut Rum | Orange Jello Shots with Rum | Spiced Rum Jello Shots | Strong Jello Shots Recipe | Dark Rum Jello Shots

Jello Shots with Rum Recipes for Every Party

 Who doesn’t want a jello shot of vodka? But you don’t have to use vodka to make jello shots, you could make jello shots with rum recipes. That will really throw your party guests for a loop and they will love them just as much as they would if they had vodka.  Vodka is the […]

Your options are vast if you decide to make some DIY couple Halloween costume ideas for Disney fans. Show off your Disney side on Main Street or at home! Halloween Costume Ideas | Disney Costumes | Disney Halloween Ideas | Disney Couple Ideas | How to Dress Up Like Disney Characters | Matching Costume Ideas

DIY Couple Halloween Costume Ideas for Disney Fans

 There are so many costumes to choose from but you can have even more fun with it if you’re in a relationship. You could pick some fun DIY couple Halloween costume ideas for Disney fans. Why Disney? Well, a lot of the best costumes come from Disney movies, shows, stories, parks, and all of its […]

You can use the best game day food ideas during your next football, baseball, basketball, or soccer game, or any type of game day you celebrate. Game Day Recipes Healthy | Game Day Finger Foods | Game Day Main Dishes | Game Day Appetizers | Game Day Food for Two | Game Day Eats | Football Game Food Crockpot

51 Football Game Day Food Ideas

Football season is here and that means it is time to start throwing game day parties. Game day parties are parties that allow you to cheer on your favorite team as they battle it out on the field to be ranked number one this season. You don’t have to be a football fan to enjoy […]

DIY boozy gifts are good for almost any occasion and they allow you to get crafty while having fun at as you make it and enjoy it. DIY Gifts for Alcohol Lovers | How to Make a Boozy Gift | How to Make a Gift with Alcohol

10 DIY Boozy Gifts for Any Occassion

There are times when the best gift is a boozy gift. But some boozy gifts are better than others, some are also more expensive. DIY boozy gifts can make any occasion better. Not to mention, you could save some money, get crafty, and make the gift mean something entirely different. You’ll want to find someone […]

The best summer party essentials shopping list will help you host the best summer party your friends and family are sure to enjoy! What to Buy for a Party | How to Throw a Summer Party | Where to Find Party Supplies | Party Essentials List | Things to do in Summer

Summer Party Essentials Shopping List

 Food, plates, utensils, decor, activities, music, all these things need to be planned ahead. Luckily, you can find most of the things on your summer party essentials shopping list online. That means your party can be delivered to your front door. But before you open up another window and start shopping. There is a lot […]

Make the best sparkling rosé gummy bear recipes for your next party or gathering of friends and family for a fun party twist! How to Make Alcoholic Gummy Bears | How to Infuse Gummy Bears with Wine | How to Infuse Gummy Bears with Champagne | How to Make Rosé Gummies

Sparkling Rosé Gummy Bear Recipes That Are Perfect for Parties

 Did you know you can also infuse gummy bears with a few different things. Infusing drinks into gummy bears is a very simple process, but it’s not the only way. Take sparkling rosé gummy bear recipes for example. You could infuse the sparkling rosé or you could start all the way from scratch. Choose your […]

Host the best mermaid party you can by making DIY mermaid birthday party decorations that will add color and fun to the birthday festivities. How to Throw a Mermaid Party | How to Decorate a Mermaid Party | Mermaid Party Ideas | DIY Mermaid Party Decor

Mermaid Birthday Party Decorations that are Easy and Colorful

 There are many different themes to choose from and new ones seem to pop up all of the time. Mermaids are among the many different themes and mermaid birthday party decorations can be made at home. DIY party decor to fit your mermaid theme is easy and impressive when finished and put together. When throwing […]

Bulk mai tai recipes can help liven up your party and make planning and hosting a party easier than ever. Serve these mai tai pitcher recipes for parties of any size for a flavorful cocktail guests will love! What is a Mai Tai | How to Make a Mai Tai | Cocktails for Parties | How to Make Cocktails in Bulk

Bulk Mai Tai Recipes | Mai Tai Recipes for a Crowd

 Make cocktails in bulk and allow others to pour their own premade cocktail. To make bulk cocktails, you need a cocktail that can be made in bulk, like mai tais. Bulk mai tai recipes are very easy and can be made in different flavors as well. When it comes to making cocktails for a party, […]