Wednesday, October 17, 2018

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The best technology is always changing and there’s always something new. Sometimes, the best technology can be found on the shelves right now and sometimes they’re just announced. Either way, keeping up with tech can help make life easier. In fact, tech is meant to help make life easier. When you buy the best of the best tech, you may run into issues. The Best of Life stays up to date with the best tech so that you don’t need to dig through all of the news and announcements. Tech includes everything from apps to devices and more. Tech can be used in your home, car, on the go, on a plane, train, just about everywhere. The goal of the best tech and the Best of Life is to make your life easier with the help of technology. No matter what the task is that you’re trying to complete, technology can help.

Zappiti 4K media players and tools will all be on display the CEDIA Expo 2017 in San Diego California from Sept. 7-9 2017.

Zappiti 4K HDR Product Range at CEDIA Expo 2017

San Diego, Cal. Sept. 7, 2017/Best of Life PR/--Zappiti is the worldwide leader in 4k media players, media solutions, and audio/video servers. Today, Zappiti...
GDU has announced the latest addition to their family of drones, the GDU O2 at InterDrone 2017 with new, industry-first features.

GDU Launches the O2 – World’s First Sliding Arm Consumer Drone

Las Vegas Sep. 7, 2017/Best of Life PR/--GDU is the leading consumer drone manufacturer announced the official launch of the GDU O2 at InterDrone...
The DealRay app is available for download on iPhones everywhere now and can help people save money on their dream vacations.

DealRay App Allows Users to Save Money on Vacations

Sept. 5, 2017/Best of Life PR/--Costs of travel can add up quickly. In fact, cost is the biggest reason most people avoid travel altogether....
The best TED talks for entrepreneur inspiration will get you focused, feeling motivated, and on the right path to success in life and business. Best Podcasts | Entrepreneur Tips | Motivational Talks | Motivational Quotes

85+ TED Talks For Entrepreneur Inspiration

We all need a little inspiration sometimes. One of the most important times is when we are functioning as entrepreneurs. These are some great...
When you have a bad day at work there's nothing better than coming home to relax and unwind. These are the best Netflix shows to watch after a long day at work! Best Netflix Shows | Stress Management | Tips to Reduce Stress | Work Life Balance

Netflix Shows to Watch After a Long Day at Work

We all have bad days. Eventually we make it home to rest and unwind. These are some of the best Netflix shows to watch...
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10 Songs to Listen to When you Want to Make a Deal

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10 Tips to Make The Best Pins For Pinterest

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The Genesis G90 is the brands first attempt at a luxury car, you won't find many options, instead nearly everything you can think of is included standard! #car #auto #genesis | Things to Know About the Genesis G90 | Should I Get a Genesis | Genesis G90 Review

Best Safety Features of the Genesis G90

I think we can all pretty much agree that if a vehicle is not top of the line on safety it doesn't really matter...