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These 10 success quotes for women to feel empowered will do just that, make you feel inspired and empowered! You deserve to feel as powerful as you are! Empowering Quotes | Quotes for Life | Motivational Quotes | Quotes for Women | Quotes for Men

10 Success Quotes for Women | Empowering Quotes

As a woman I can attest to all the times I’ve let myself feel less important than I truly am. As a mother and a wife I know the struggle between putting everyone else first and feeling like I’ve also done something great for myself. These quotes are all about feeling empowered and successful. Sometimes […]

Short Quotes About Happiness Did You Smile Today?

Short Quotes About Happiness To Brighten Your Day

 We all have days when work, life, and even family gets us down. Stress can make us lose sight of what is truly important. Instead of giving up or letting life make you sour, keep some of these short quotes about happiness nearby. You can use them to help boost your mood when you have […]

Sarcastic Quotes About Work People Working Together at a Table

Sarcastic Quotes About Work Colleagues

 When you search for a job you look for things you are qualified for, things you enjoy, jobs that are nearby, and so on. On the days that it felt really hard to keep my mouth shut I would just think of these great sarcastic quotes about work and pray for that 5 o’clock release! […]

Quick, easy, and healthy meal prep ideas can help you stick to a diet and avoid the drive thru line. Healthy Recipes for Work | Healthy Lunch Recipes | Healthy Recipes | Best Recipes for Work | Easy Recipes for Work | Healthy Meal Prep Recipes | Best Meal Prep Recipes | Easy Meal Prep Recipes

Healthy Meal Prep Ideas for Work (that are Actually Good)

One of the biggest enemies of keeping up with a healthy diet is just life in general. Life always gets in the way. What I mean to say is work, work life gets in the way. It’s hard for me to stick to any given diet when I don’t have the time. On any weekday […]

Learn a few of the best bullet journal ideas to improve your health. They'll help you live a healthier lifestyle one bullet point at a time. Bullet Journal Ideas | Easy Bullet Journal Ideas | Bullet Journal Ideas for Health | Healthy BuJo Ideas | Easy BuJo Ideas | BuJo tips

Bullet Journal Ideas to Improve Your Health

 Welcome to your go-to map of bullet journaling. This is an easy way to learn how you can journal your health. Many bullet journal ideas will improve your health once you put them into practice. You may be asking yourself, what the heck is a bullet journal and how will it help my health? I’m […]

Sarcasm is so much fun and sometimes social media is the perfect platform for sharing great quotes. These are great quotes when you're feeling sarcastic! #sarcastic #quotes #funnyquotes #funny #humor #laugh

Great Quotes when you are Feeling Sarcastic

 Those are typically the moments when I shine the brightest! I love sarcasm. Sarcasm is so much fun and at times it can be a little bit mean. Luckily most of the time it’s just a witty and fun way to share great quotes. If you practice with your sarcastic comebacks maybe someday one of […]

Being part of the working moms crowd isn't always easy, but it can be very rewarding. These tips will help you get over some of the common roadblocks to make your entrepreneurial life the best it can be! #workingmoms #momlife #workfromhome #lifehacks #entrepreneur

Best Tips for Working Moms to Save Time and Sanity

Last month I had the opportunity to gain some inspiration from two celebrity working moms at a Disney Social Media Moms conference in Anaheim. Tiffani Thiessen (Yes, you are on the right track if Saved by the Bell and 90210 come to mind) shared insights about being a working mom with two young children while […]

Go forth and conquer The American Dream after this simple routine of best websites to read in the morning that will increase your smarts. Morning Routine Ideas | Morning Reading | Success Tips | Business Tips #news #routine

Best Websites to Read in the Morning Before Work to Feel Smart

   Sometimes I have my best ideas on how to solve a problem at work after reading an article about a seemingly unrelated topic. Add a cup of joe to that routine and get ready for a caffeine-fueled idea extravaganza! Go forth and conquer corporate America after this simple routine of best websites to read […]

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