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Sometimes the best thing to do after a long hard day is to snuggle up win front of the TV with some awesome feel good movies on Netflix. #netflix #streaming #movies | Best Things to Watch on Netflix | What to Watch on Netflix

Best Feel Good Movies on Netflix

We all have bad days; there’s just times when life gets ahead of you and everything seems to go the wrong way. On days like that there’s only one thing that can help: a great movie. When life gets you down a great feel good movie can help cheer you up! Netflix is a great […]

Quotes about change are a great way to get through tough moments. They're full of wisdom and they remind us that we're not alone!

Best Quotes About Change for the Better

One of the main reasons I love Pinterest is for the quotes! I love looking up quotes about all kinds of things. One really awesome search I often do is for the best quotes about change. Change is inevitable in this life. Instead of fearing change or fighting to stop it, I like to find […]

The best way to get out of a slump is with short inspirational quotes. Tiny but powerful is all it takes to turn a bad day or a doubtful moment around! #quotes #inspirational #inspired | Best Inspirational Quotes | Best Quotes for Inspiring Others | Best Quotes Ever

Best Short Inspirational Quotes that Will Make you Happy

It’s not always easy to get through the tough stuff in life. Life can get you down, disappointment is pretty much guaranteed at some point or another, and without something to pick you back up again it can be hard to get back up and try again! The great thing about short inspirational quotes is […]

The best inspirational quotes about life make you think! These quotes can be a great reminder and they can also help motivate you towards your goals! Motivational Quotes | Quotes That Inspire Others | Best Quotes About Life #quotes #inspirational #life

Best Inspirational Quotes About Life

Life is hard. Even if you always have a positive outlook, work hard, and keep your head up, life can still get you down. It’s inevitable. The great thing about being down is that everything else is up! Maybe these quotes won’t totally solve all of your problems, if there’s even a small chance that they’ll […]

The little things really are what matter in life. These are seven of the best small changes to make in life if you want results! Life Hacks | Motivational Tips | How to Make Life Changes #motivation #inspiration

7 Small Changes to Make if you Want Results

Change can be hard. It’s uncomfortable and makes us all a bit itchy. But if we don’t feel the itch after making small changes we will definitely be feeling it if we don’t do a thing. When we don’t feel comfortable in our own skin, it shows. So instead of fighting it, focus on making […]

Some of the best Muhammad Ali quotes inspire us all to "Float like a butterfly and sting like a bee" in our everyday lives. Muhammad Ali Sayings | Things Muhammad Ali Said | Inspirational Quotes | Motivational Quotes #quotes #inspiration #motivational #ali

20 Best Muhammad Ali Quotes to Inspire Living

Muhammad Ali may be gone, but his words of inspiration will forever live on. One of the world’s most impressive boxing heavyweight champions, Muhammad Ali was not only known for his boxing skills but for some of the best Muhammad Ali quotes. Through his philanthropy, Muhammad Ali inspired the world and will continue to inspire […]

Go forth and conquer The American Dream after this simple routine of best websites to read in the morning that will increase your smarts. Morning Routine Ideas | Morning Reading | Success Tips | Business Tips #news #routine

Best Websites to Read in the Morning Before Work to Feel Smart

My brain naturally seeks out patterns and makes connections between concepts that aren’t usually correlated.   But it needs food in order to do that.  Articles and posts from the sites below are that food.  Sometimes I have my best ideas on how to solve a problem at work after reading an article about a […]

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