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You can't levitate things with a spell, but you can still enjoy some Butterbeer recipes from the wizarding world Harry Potter introduced us to long ago. #harrypotter #wizardingworld #butterbeer #butterbeerrecipes #drinks #desserts #dessertrecipes

Best Butterbeer Recipes to Get Wizardy at Home

Unfortunately, my children weren’t old enough to see the original Harry Potter films in theaters. However, that hasn’t stopped me from showing them the Wizarding World at home. Just like me, they have fallen in love with Harry, Ron, and Hermione. While we may not be able to cast spells in real life, we can […]

Having easy grand and go quick snacks on hand will help curb your hunger and live a healthy lifestyle. #easysnacks #traveltips #travel #snacks #fitness

10 Grab and Go Quick Snacks

Part of being a millennial means I’m part foodie. Being part foodie means I love to snack on everything from gourmet bites to grab and go quick snacks. However, the most important snacks to me are the grab and go ones. These quick snacks are a life saver when I am on the go which […]

Having Whole30 snacks you can carry with you is so important so you can stay on track and not give into unhealthy options when your day gets away from you. #whole30 #easysnacks #healthysnacks | Whole30 Recipes | Whole30 Snacks | Weight Loss Recipes

Whole30 Snacks to Carry with You on Work and Travel

Diet or no diet life without snacks is no fun. Instead of cutting snacks out of your diet completely turn to this list of Whole30 snacks that you can carry with you! We’re all busy and putting the day on hold in order to seek out some healthy Whole30 approved snacks is not always an […]

Churros are considered the best dessert by many and if you are looking for the best churros in Mission Bay or even in San Diego, we have your go-to place. #sandiego #socal | Best Churros | Best Snacks in Mission Bay | San Diego Travel

Best Churros in Mission Bay | Sara’s Mexican Food

One of the things I love about Southern California is the many different food options. I can have a delicious gourmet meal with the hubby or go more casual with the kids. One thing I’m always in the mood for is a churro. Some of the best churros in So Cal can be found at my […]

It doesn't matter what time of the year it is! Grilling the best burger recipes is always enjoyable. #burgerrecipe #bestburgers #grillingrecipes | Best Burger Recipe for Grills | Best Grilling Recipes | Easy Burger Recipes | BBQ Party Recipes

Best Burger Recipes For Grilling Out

Breaking out the grill, lighting some charcoal, (propane just isn’t the same) and throwing some burgers on the grill. Sounds like an awesome day with friends, family, or solo. Now that you’re grill is prepped and you’re thinking about using it, get the best burger recipes for grilling. If you’re not ready to pack up […]

To jump-start your journey to healthy eating, you need to start every day right with some of the best Whole30 breakfast recipes. #whole30 #healthy #recipes | Whole30 Recipes | Whole30 Breakfast Recipes | Healthy Breakfast Recipes

Best Whole30 Breakfast Recipes

Many diet plans cut out the fats, sugars, or carbs in order to help you lose weight. However there are some of us who, no matter how hard we diet and workout, just can’t lose the weight. Whole30 may have the solution to that problem. Whole30 helps us take out the foods that are harming […]

Cooking isn't always a fun thing to do, but using easy dinner recipes for two can make a night at home fun and romantic. #romance #dinner #recipes | Romantic Dinner Recipes for Two | Most Romantic Meals for Two | Easy Romantic Meals for Two

Easy Dinner Recipes For Two

Cooking dinner isn’t always the most fun thing to do in my book. Especially since most often I’m cooking for four people. However, when the kids have gone to a friend’s house for the night or are staying with family, my husband and I have two options. The first choice is to go out and miss […]

Looking for the best chocolate chip cookie recipes can be difficult, but it's not impossible. Luckily you find the best one by trying them all! #CookieRecipes #desserts #Recipes Dessert Recipes | Easy Recipes | Best Cookie Recipes | Sweet Treats

Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipes

When I think about cookies my mind goes straight to one kind, chocolate chip. There are dozens of types of cookies but there is just something amazing about a freshly baked, warm, chocolate chip cookie. I never try baking any chocolate chip cookie recipes without my essentials. I need lots of cookie sheets, parchment paper, chocolate […]

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