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The next time you crack open a beer, use it for one of these awesome beer dip recipes! Beer dip recipes will take your typical cold one to the next level. Best Dip Recipes | Easy Dip Recipes | Party Dip Recipes #party #recipes #food

Best Beer Dip Recipes (Amazing with Pretzels, too!)

I love my wife and of course, I love my family but I also love myself! Because I like myself (and because I like to be nice to the ones I love), I try to set aside some time for myself during the week. Occasionally during my “me time” I take a hike or go […]

Donuts make everyone happy and bring people together around a simple love for puffy sugary goodness. The donut lover in you will adore these gifts! Gifts for Kids | Funny Gifts | Doughnut Fan Gifts #donutfangifts #holidaygiftideas

Best Gifts for Donut Lovers

This year, Friday June 3rd marks National Donut Day! Whether you love glazed, chocolate, strawberry, jelly filled or desire sprinkles on top, National Donut Day is a day to celebrate the donut lover in all of us. Let’s face it – we all love them; some of us are just more willing to admit it than others. Donuts […]

When you come to San Francisco, you expect hippies but get foodies with some of the best taco carts in San Francisco catering to every taco lover. Where to Eat in San Francisco | San Francisco Travel Tips | Food in San Francisco #food #tacos #sanfrancisco #travel

The Best Taco Carts in San Francisco

When it comes to being a foodie, you have to visit San Francisco. In this city, they celebrate food culture but they also aren’t afraid to try something new. You can find some of the best tacos in San Francisco,best burritos, best cupcakes best whatever, it’s all here in San Francisco. Today, let’s shout out […]

How to Make Black Bean Salsa Recipe

Best Side Dishes for a BBQ | Delicious Cookout Recipes

There are a few things that are just mandatory for a good ole’ ‘Merican summer BBQ. The first is the grill, then you need a cold beer, some seasoned or marinated meat and some of the best side dishes for a BBQ. These side dishes will help cover up the burnt taste of the meat […]

Going out on the town for a date night is fun, but to get more romantic all you need is your home, your loved one and some of the best date night recipes. Food to Cook on Date Night | What to Eat on Date Night | Easy Recipes | Recipes to Cook Together #recipes #datenight

Best Date Night Recipes to Make Together

Date nights mean a night of romance and togetherness that can revitalize or strengthen a relationship. You can go out on the town and see a movie, grab a drink or you can just stay home. If you choose to stay home, you’ll need some of the best date night recipes available. This is your […]

Enjoy every last bite of San Francisco when you visit these bakeries with the best cupcakes in San Francisco. Where to Eat in San Francisco | San Francisco Travel Tips | Things to do in San Francisco #sanfrancisco #cupcakes

Where to Find the Best Cupcakes in San Francisco

I am a rarity – I love birthdays, holidays and even weddings. There is one reason why I love each of those occasions–cake. I LOVE cake, and I’m not biased against any flavor or reason for the cake, as long as there’s cake. I’ll even take cupcakes and I think some of the best cupcakes in […]

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