Being a bartender means having the right tools like the Bar10der 10-in-1 tool that has everything you need to make the best cocktails. Cocktail Recipes | Tips for Making Cocktails | Gifts for Drinkers | Bartending Tool Ideas | Cocktails with Tequila | Rum Cocktail Tips | Whiskey Drink Ideas #cocktails #bartending
Bar10der 10 in 1 Tool in Black

Bar10der 10 in 1 Tool in Black


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Hosting happy hour and parties at home means you need the best bartending tools. Enjoy the benefits of 10 tools in one 1 with a Bar10der 10-in-1 tool when you make your next round of drinks!

Bar10der 10-in-1 Tool Features

  • Includes: Strainer, muddler, reamer, stirrer, bottle opener, corkscrew, jigger, channel knife, knife, and zester. 
  • Made of stainless steel and plastic
  • Easily transported or stored away
  • Hand wash

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