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Cocktail Glass Toppers Appetizer Plates | Drink Markers | Beer Glass Topper | Wine Glass Topper

Cocktail Glass Toppers Appetizer Plates | Drink Markers | Beer Glass Topper | Wine Glass Topper



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The wine glass toppers you know, and love, have a new look – cocktail glass toppers! These toppers are the perfect addition to any social event. These toppers are slightly lighter with a higher gloss than the wine glass toppers and made with eco-friendly bamboo. The biggest difference is that these toppers fit on a wider variety of glasses. You can use these toppers for cocktail glasses, beer glasses, wine glasses, even water glasses and coffee mugs if you want. 

Cocktail Glass Toppers Features

  • LASER ENGRAVED appetizer plate that fits on your cocktail, wine, or beer glass
  • Carry food with your drink and keep one hand free for socializing
  • Nestles inside the rim of your glass
  • Can be used as a DRINK MARKER OR COASTER
  • Mix and match designs
  • Keep bugs out of your drink while outdoors
  • Dimensions | 4-inch diameter, 2.75-inch bottom ring, and .875-inches tall
  • Fits most glasses
  • Sold individually
  • Laser engraving is done by our family right here in the USA

We have an extensive list of designs to choose from below. However, you can also create a custom design. Simply email your design to [email protected] after ordering. 

34 cocktail Glass Toppers Designs

  • Alcohol. Because no good party starts with a salad.
  • Knock, Knock. It’s Gin o’clock.
  • Whiskey Bar
  • Life is Short. Buy the Good Alcohol.
  • Let’s Get Nauti!
  • You can’t control the wine. You can adjust the sails.
  • Not all those who wander are lost.
  • Good Friends, Good Wine, Good Times.
  • A Meal without wine is called breakfast.
  • Guns, Whiskey, Steak and Freedom
  • What Happens on the Boat Stays on the Boat
  • Cheers with two glasses
  • Cheers with a splash of wine
  • Rose all Day
  • All that I am or Ever Hope to Be I owe to my Mother
  • My Favorite People Call Me Mama
  • Salut with a splash of wine
  • Let’s Wine about it with a couple drinking together on it
  • Let’s Wine about it with a woman enjoying her wine
  • Land of the Free Home of the Brave
  • America is Another Name for Opportunity
  • Where Liberty Dwells
  • God and Country
  • It’s Wine O’clock Somewhere
  • Save Water Drink Wine
  • There’s Always Time for a Glass of Wine
  • I’m One Glass Away from Saying What I Really Think
  • Kiss Me I’m Irish
  • Luck of the Irish
  • Horseshoe Luck
  • St. Patrick’s Day
  • Celtic Tree of Life
  • Kiss Me I’m Drunk or Irish
  • Custom 

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Because No Good Party, It's Gin O'Clock, Whiskey Bar, Buy The Good Alcohol, Nauti, Adjust the Sails, Not All Those Who Wander, Good Friends Good Times, A Meal Without Wine, Guns Whiskey Steak and Freedom, What Happens on the Boat, Cheers, Cheers with a Splash of Wine, Rose All Day, All That I am of Hope to Be, Favorite People Call Me Mama, Salut, Let's Wine About It Couple, Let's Wine About It, America Name for Opportunity, Where Liberty Dwells, Wine O'Clock, Save Water Drink Wine, Always Time for Glass of Wine, One Glass Away, Kiss Me I'm Irish, Luck of the Irish, Horseshoe Luck, St. Patrick's Day, Celtic Tree of Life, Kiss Me I'm Drunk or Irish, Custom Design


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