You can make it easier to feed and hydrate your pet no matter where you are with the best collapsible platform pet feeder with detachable bowls. Elevated Cat Feeder | Travel Food Bowls for Pets | Pet Travel Gear | Washable Pet Food Bowls | Foldable Pet Food Bowls | Pet Feeding Station #petfood #doglovers
Collapsible Platform Pet Feeder with Two Detachable Bowls

Collapsible Platform Pet Feeder with Two Detachable Bowls


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Keeping pet food bowls off the floor is a great way to avoid unwanted scratches or damage to your flooring. This collapsible platform pet feeder is perfect for that very issue. You can even bring this feeding platform with you when you travel. You and your pet will both enjoy using this pet feeder platform no matter where it is. 

Collapsible Platform Pet Feeder Features

  • Both bowls and legs collapse flat for easy storage
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Ideal for wet or dry food and water
  • Both bowls and feeder legs collapse to 1.5-inches In height for easy storage.
  • Item length :14.5 in.
  • Item depth : 4.5 in .
  • Item height : 4.5 in.
  • Shipping and handling time 5-9 days

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