Try using a fun glass FREEZE shot glass at your next party so your shot stays chilled. With these glasses, you get the perfect shot every single time. Shot Recipes | Perfect Shot Tips | Tequila Shot Ideas | Vodka Shot Recipes | Rum Shot Ideas | Cocktail Recipes | Freezeable Shot Glasses | Shot Glasses Host | Party Tips #shots #partyplanning
Glass FREEZE™ Shot Glass (set of two)

Glass FREEZE™ Shot Glass (set of two)


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If you are going to do some shots, then it’s best to enjoy them chilled for sure!  The FREEZE shot glass by Host is a quick and easy way to make sure your shots are cold for your next party of happy hour!   

FREEZE Shot Glass Features

  • Double-walled glass with proprietary freezing gel to keep shots cold
  • Made with real glass for a satisfying shot
  • Proprietary gel freezes fast for quick enjoyment
  • Holds 3 ounces of liquid for the perfect-sized shots

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2 reviews for Glass FREEZE™ Shot Glass (set of two)

  1. Joe

    Shot glasses were meant to be this way. I decided to try them, was on the fence. But after using tequila, rum, and even vodka in these shot glasses I am sold. Came back to buy a few more sets so that my next party, whenever that is, will be awesome.

  2. Josh

    Seriously, shots don’t get easier to take than with these. They also stay cold for a long time which is great for parties!

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