A beach house or farmhouse style home is beautifully complemented by the right accessories like this chic jewelry armoire with raised mirror. Jewelry Armoire with Lock | Beach House Jewelry Armoire | Farmhouse Jewelry Armoire | Stunning Home Accents | Home Furniture Features | Home Decor for Women | Luxury Home Decor with Purpose #jewelry #style
Jewelry Armoire with Raised Mirror | Aqua Light Blue Color

Jewelry Armoire with Raised Mirror | Aqua Light Blue Color


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A jewelry armoire is a classic and beautiful way to store jewelry. This armoire comes with a mirror so you can double check the final look before you head out anywhere. You can add this armoire to your bedroom or near the front door so you can add the final touches on your way out. You will love this new piece no matter where you put it. 

Jewelry Armoire Features

  • Five storage drawers
  • Two side doors with hooks
  • Raised mirror on top
  • Wooden top with wooden fluted legs

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