The best thing about this nautical sextant is that you can use it as home décor and it’s functional, making your nautical theme stand out from the rest. How to Use a Sextant | Sextant for Sale | Who Invented the Sextant | Sextant Parts | Nautical Decor | Beach Home Decor | Nautical Room Ideas #nautical #decor
Nautical Sextant in Wood Box

Nautical Sextant in Wood Box


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You may find it difficult to find a sextant in a local department store. However, this nautical tool was once very popular and still is as decor. Though, this nautical sextant is not only great in a nautical-themed room, it actually works. You can use this as a decor piece or as an actual tool if you’d like. Either way, this piece makes a great gift. 

Nautical Sextant Features

  • Made of high quality brass
  • Comes in a rosewood giftbox
  • Dimensions: 4.5″ x 4″ x 2.5″

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