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Wine FREEZE™ Cooling Cups in Coral (set of 2) by HOST®

Wine FREEZE™ Cooling Cups in Coral (set of 2) by HOST®


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There is nothing worse than serving yourself a glass of your favorite wine only for it to get ruined by the temperature. This Wine FREEZE™ cup with a Coral color band makes that problem a thing of the past. You can keep it out of the freezer when you want red wines or put in the freezer to keep your white wines cold as you enjoy each sip. 

Wine Freeze Cooling Cups Features

  • Each wine tumbler maintains wine’s temperature better than a normal wine glass
  • Insulated plastic walls filled with proprietary cooling gel work as a wine chiller when frozen
  • Sturdy and perfectly suited for outdoor use, plus it’s BPA-free
  • Insulated silicone band for comfortable handling

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