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X-Large Cat Litter Box Furniture Table Bench

X-Large Cat Litter Box Furniture Table Bench


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Your cat doesn’t enjoy being watched as it goes to the litter box and you don’t enjoy having to hide it in an unused room. There is a solution that solves both problems and adds functionality to the litter box. This extra large cat litter box furniture works as a table or a bench. However, it hides a litter box inside that your cat can easily access. You can use this cat furniture in any room you’d like because it also helps prevent the smell from getting out. 

Cat Litter Box Furniture Features

  • Removable partition
  • Fully-wooden cabinet with wainscot paneling
  • Available in pure wooden finish, environment friendly colors
  • Litter boxes of various sizes (extra-large, jumbo size, automated) can be placed
  • Completely obscures litter boxes
  • Adjustable cat entrance for either side of units
  • A pre-cut hole on the bench back panel
  • 37.5″L x 21.25″W x 22.5″H

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