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DIY boozy gifts are good for almost any occasion and they allow you to get crafty while having fun at as you make it and enjoy it. DIY Gifts for Alcohol Lovers | How to Make a Boozy Gift | How to Make a Gift with Alcohol

10 DIY Boozy Gifts for Any Occassion

There are times when the best gift is a boozy gift. But some boozy gifts are better than others, some are also more expensive. DIY boozy gifts can make any occasion better. Not to mention, you could save some money, get crafty, and make the gift mean something entirely different. You’ll want to find someone […]

DIY boozy gifts for wine lovers are easy, fun, and affordable to make but they will also be well appreciated by the wine lover in your life. DIY Gift Ideas | How to Use a Wine Bottle | What to Make From a Wine Bottle | Gifts for Whinos | DIY Wine Bottle Crafts | DIY Cork Crafts

31 DIY Boozy Gifts for Wine Lovers

Wine lovers could be the easiest people for whom to find gifts. Not only can you simply pick them up a bottle of wine and call it a day but you could DIY some gifts as well. DIY boozy gifts for wine lovers utilize the two most important parts of wine, the bottle, and the […]

Host the best mermaid party you can by making DIY mermaid birthday party decorations that will add color and fun to the birthday festivities. How to Throw a Mermaid Party | How to Decorate a Mermaid Party | Mermaid Party Ideas | DIY Mermaid Party Decor

Mermaid Birthday Party Decorations that are Easy and Colorful

 There are many different themes to choose from and new ones seem to pop up all of the time. Mermaids are among the many different themes and mermaid birthday party decorations can be made at home. DIY party decor to fit your mermaid theme is easy and impressive when finished and put together. When throwing […]

Use a few DIY no carve pumpkin decorating ideas to keep the knives and sharp tools out of reach of your children while they still get to enjoy the creatively spooky fun of Halloween. Pumpkin Decorating Ideas for Kids | No Carve Pumpkin Ideas | Halloween Crafts for Kids | DIY Halloween Décor Ideas

DIY No Carve Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

Making a pumpkin a spooky Halloween decoration seems to require a lot of work. There are many different ways to decorate a pumpkin, some people like to carve, others like to shave them down, but there is one that requires no sharp tools and that kids can do as well. DIY no carve pumpkin decorating […]

Use the best July 4th decorations to make your front door pop just as much as the fireworks will during the night of the 4th. #DIY #DIYdecor #decorations #4thofJuly #patriotic #patrioticdecor

July 4th Decorations | Fourth of July Front Doors that Pop

The Fourth of July may be known as the loudest holiday of the year. Fireworks are loud and full of color and it’s a great way to show your American pride. But when it comes to showing your patriotism in other ways, the American flag is of course the best option. However, there are a […]

Parents can throw the best unicorn birthday party by using some very simple, very easy birthday party ideas with a magical twist. Unicorn Birthday Party Ideas | Best Unicorn party Ideas | Easy Unicorn Birthday Party Ideas | DIY Unicorn Birthday Party Ideas | How to Throw a Unicorn Birthday Party

15 Unicorn Birthday Party Decorations to Make a Party Magical

Birthday parties come every year and for children, birthday party themes change every year. It’s up to parents to stay up to date with the times and throw the best birthday party for kids they can throw. One of the newest trends to hit schools across America is the unicorn craze. A unicorn birthday party […]

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