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Quotes for Girls Room a Girl Laying on the Floor Playing

Quotes for Girls Room | Inspirational Quote Ideas for Bedroom Walls

It’s not a secret that here at Best of Life, we love quotes! There is always a quote that can make you smile, make you think, or give you a great comeback when you are feeling a little sarcastic. These are Quotes For Girls Room, some ideas for any age! When choosing quotes for girls […]

Quotes for Boys are an awesome way of showing how much you care without being too "mushy" or "over the top". These are quotes that you can share with your boys for a special moment! Quotes for Boys | Best Quotes for Boys | Quote Ideas for Boys Rooms | Boy Room Decor Ideas | DIY Boys Room Decor | Best Decor for Boys Room

Quotes for Boys Room | Boy Sayings and Quotes

 You just never know when hearing just the right thing will cheer someone up or totally change their day. Recently I shared with you some great quotes for kids to motivate them. Today I wanted to share some quotes that are a little different. Unlike sarcastic quotes, or quotes about changes in life, these are […]

Carrie Fisher, Princess Leia has passed away and while we have lost a talented soul we at least have Princess Leia quotes to remember. Best Princess Leia Quotes | Funny Princess Leia Quotes | Best Star Wars Quotes | Star Wars Quotes | Quotes from Star Wars

Princess Leia Quotes to Remember

Princess Leia had a profound role to play in the future of women in movies. As she took an active lead up against the talents of Harrison Ford and the like, she shined through. Some would say that Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia was a turning point for more than just the genre, but for […]

Sarcasm is so much fun and sometimes social media is the perfect platform for sharing great quotes. These are great quotes when you're feeling sarcastic! #sarcastic #quotes #funnyquotes #funny #humor #laugh

Great Quotes when you are Feeling Sarcastic

 Those are typically the moments when I shine the brightest! I love sarcasm. Sarcasm is so much fun and at times it can be a little bit mean. Luckily most of the time it’s just a witty and fun way to share great quotes. If you practice with your sarcastic comebacks maybe someday one of […]

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