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12 Days of Christmas Quotes for Kids | Inspirational Quotes

 Christmas time is a time that we spend with family and friends, seek out timeless gifts for our loved ones, honor old family traditions, and create new ones that are just as special. One new tradition you can create with your family this season is to enjoy 12 days of Christmas quotes for kids. These […]

Here are some hilarious tequila quotes that you may actually remember...because they're hilarious...and fun...and very true! Funny Quotes | Quotes to Say Cheers to | Tequila Drinks | Quotes for Drinking | Drinking Quotes

15 Hilarious Tequila Quotes You May Actually Remember

  Tequila is a fickle mistress. You never know when she’s going to come calling your name or what might happen once you answer the call. One thing is for sure. We have all been there at one time or another! Here are some hilarious tequila quotes that you may actually remember. If you’ve never […]

These success quotes for men to inspire success will help keep you motivated and on track at work and home! Quotes for Life | Success Quotes | Quotes for Work | Quotes for Family | Inspirational Quotes | Motivational Quotes | Quotes Entrepreneur | Quotes to Make a Deal

Success Quotes for Men | Inspirational Quotes for Work

Success quotes for men to inspire success are perfect for a little extra motivation! Getting down on yourself is pretty common in today’s society. Success is more about how many times you get up than how many times you get knocked down. These are some great quotes to help inspire all the guys out there! […]

Don't stress, these are the best quotes to stay positive at work. You will be more productive than ever with a positive mindset! Quotes for Life | Positive Quotes | Motivational Quotes | Quotes for Work | Positive Thinking | Mindfulness

Quotes To Stay Positive At Work

 Work can be tough. Even at a job, you enjoy there can be people or situations that make it difficult to remain positive and happy. These are the best quotes to stay positive at work. Like most of our quote roundups, this one has a purpose, to keep you focused on the positive side of […]

These 10 success quotes for women to feel empowered will do just that, make you feel inspired and empowered! You deserve to feel as powerful as you are! Empowering Quotes | Quotes for Life | Motivational Quotes | Quotes for Women | Quotes for Men

10 Success Quotes for Women | Empowering Quotes

As a woman I can attest to all the times I’ve let myself feel less important than I truly am. As a mother and a wife I know the struggle between putting everyone else first and feeling like I’ve also done something great for myself. These quotes are all about feeling empowered and successful. Sometimes […]

Short Quotes About Happiness Did You Smile Today?

Short Quotes About Happiness To Brighten Your Day

 We all have days when work, life, and even family gets us down. Stress can make us lose sight of what is truly important. Instead of giving up or letting life make you sour, keep some of these short quotes about happiness nearby. You can use them to help boost your mood when you have […]

Making your own DIY painted rocks is easier when you have the best painted rock quotes to inspire others in the world. DIY Painted Rocks | Easy Painted Rocks Ideas | DIY Painted Rock Quotes | Painted Rock Ideas for Kids | Crafts for Kids

Painted Rocks: Quotes and Rock Ideas to Inspire

 Making painted rocks is also a great DIY activity to do with children. Finding the best-painted gems and quotes to make your quotes ahead of time will help when you pick up a paintbrush and go on the hunt for some great painted rocks. I’m all for following a trend, and I love the idea […]

Sarcastic Quotes About Work People Working Together at a Table

Sarcastic Quotes About Work Colleagues

 When you search for a job you look for things you are qualified for, things you enjoy, jobs that are nearby, and so on. On the days that it felt really hard to keep my mouth shut I would just think of these great sarcastic quotes about work and pray for that 5 o’clock release! […]

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