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Jello shots don’t have to be made with vodka and the best jello shots with rum recipes prove that with every shot you take. Jello Shots with Coconut Rum | Orange Jello Shots with Rum | Spiced Rum Jello Shots | Strong Jello Shots Recipe | Dark Rum Jello Shots

Jello Shots with Rum Recipes for Every Party

Vodka is the usual choice for making jello shots. There are a few reasons why vodka is the go-to option. Vodka is clear so the color of the jello will show better. The flavor of vodka is also relatively weak so the jello flavor can stand out more. And who doesn’t want a jello shot […]

Bulk mai tai recipes can help liven up your party and make planning and hosting a party easier than ever. Serve these mai tai pitcher recipes for parties of any size for a flavorful cocktail guests will love! What is a Mai Tai | How to Make a Mai Tai | Cocktails for Parties | How to Make Cocktails in Bulk

Bulk Mai Tai Recipes | Mai Tai Recipes for a Crowd

When it comes to making cocktails for a party, many people find it easier to stick with shots, wine, or beer. Cocktails are amazing, but who has the time to make individual cocktails for every party guest all day (or night) long? Not many people, but there is another way. Make cocktails in bulk and […]

There are many flavors to choose from, and when you learn how to make Jello shots quick you can get the party started even faster! Jello Shot Recipes | Jello Shots Ideas | Party Recipes | Happy Hour Recipes | Cocktail Recipes | Recipes for Adults

How to Make Jello Shots QUICK

  Jello shots are an instant party.  A true crowd pleaser, not just for the college crowd, but for casual, fun-loving party-goers everywhere.  In fact, they are the perfect ready-to-hand-out, sweet and boozy way to get your party started right now! But first, you need to know how to make Jello shots quick so you […]

Once you know how to make jello shots with vodka, you can use that knowledge to add some fun to any party you throw throughout the year. Change the colors for the type of party and let the fun begin! What are Jello Shots | Jello Shots Recipe | Jello Shots Ideas | Party Recipes | Recipes for Adults

How to Make Jello Shots with Vodka

  Jello shots are synonymous with casual, fun parties.  They are fun-to-eat treats with a boozy little bonus.  They can really get a crowd going and set a laid back tone to your event.  Even friends who might otherwise decline taking shots will happily slurp down these brightly-colored, fruit-flavored, jiggly treats with smiles on their […]

Using the best at home bar accessory ideas you can have the best bar in the city right in your own home and with your own private guest list. Bar Accessory Ideas | What You Need at a Bar | Wine Accessories | Whiskey Accessories | Bar Décor

21 At Home Bar Accessory Ideas for the Perfect Party

Having a bar at home is nice, you can enjoy drinks anyway you’d like to and you don’t even need to leave your house. You can even invite others over and keep the guest list down to only the people you want. The hard part is trying to make sure your bar has everything you […]

Welcome in the New Year with some New Year’s Eve toast quotes to make your countdown to the new year even more meaningful for those around you. New Year's Eve Quotes | Toasts for New Year's Eve | Quotes for Toasts | New Year's Eve Sayings

New Year’s Eve Toast Quotes that are Funny and Inspiring

The holiday season is filled with traditions we all follow and some traditions we create on our own. New Year’s Eve is one holiday that comes with traditions. Many are widely practiced and others are unique to our own families. One tradition nearly everyone follows is the countdown to midnight, often with a glass of […]

The best cocktail bars in San Francisco can take you back in time or shoot you into the future and allow you to enjoy an amazing night out in Fog City. Where to Drink in San Francisco | What to do in San Francisco | Things to do in San Francisco | Things to do in California #happyhour #travel #sanfrancisco #cocktails

Best Cocktail Bars in San Francisco | A Night out in San Fran

San Francisco has a drinking scene that is as diverse as the foodie scene with everything from fancy dress-code bars to hole-in-the-wall pubs with peeling couch cushions and questionable cleanliness. That means if you’re looking for the best cocktail bars in San Francisco, you’ll have plenty of options and just might need to do a […]

Once you figure out how to store wine properly, you can stock up on your favorite wines and keep those wine club shipments coming. Ways to Store Wine | How to Keep Wine Good | Wine Storage Tips | Where to Store Wine | What Temp to Store Wine at #wine #whinos #winetips

How to Store Wine | Wine Storage Tips

The lucky among us have their own wine cellars where they store wine bottles for long periods of time but not everyone is so lucky. Those of us without wine cellars need to figure out how to store wine so that we get the best flavors from every bottle. It’s not recommended to have a […]

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