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The best whiskey drinks for summer can open you up to a whole new world of whiskey cocktails that are refreshing and easy to make. #whiskey #summer #cocktails | Whiskey Cocktails | Best Whiskey Cocktail Recipes | Easy Whiskey Cocktail Recipes

3 Whiskey Drinks for Summer | Refreshing Whiskey Cocktails

Many people reserve drinking whiskey for the winter. Whiskey is seen as a drink that warms you up, keeps you cozy and comforts you in the cold. However, you could make a whiskey cocktail that is refreshing and perfect for summer. Whiskey is a drink for all year long, you just need to have the […]

The best Valentine’s Day bourbon cocktails will set the mood for Valentine’s Day or any date night that you will both enjoy! New Bourbon Cocktails | Winter Bourbon Cocktails | Bourbon Old Fashioned | Manhattan Cocktail | Valentine’s Day Cocktails to Set the Mood | Valentine’s Day Drinks | Valentine’s Day Shooters | Love Potion Cocktail

Valentine’s Day Bourbon Cocktails

 Bourbon is America’s whiskey and purists say you should only drink it neat. Neat means to drink bourbon at room temp, no ice, no additives, just pure bourbon. But Valentine’s Day bourbon cocktails might ask a little more than purists would prefer. The results will be amazing.  There are a few drinks that are synonymous […]

Gin jello shots are just as fun and easy to make as vodka jello shots. You could enjoy them at your next gathering or just make them for fun! Gin and Juice Jello Shots | Pink Gin Jelly Shots | Gin and Tonic Jello Shots | Jello Shots Ideas | How Much Gelatin for Jello Shots

Gin Jello Shots | Fun and Easy Jello Shot Recipes

 You could make jello shots with rum or jello shots with vodka. You can even make gin jello shots if you want. In fact, you should try all of them and share them with your family and friends who can drink. Just be careful, without tasting the alcohol you could get hit with it all […]

Jello shots are so much fun for parties and when you know how to make jello shots come out easier, you can look like a bartending pro! How to Make Jello Shots with Tequila | How to Make Jello Shots with Unflavored Gelatin | Margarita Jello Shots | Party Recipes with Alcohol | Jello Shots Ideas

How to Make Jello Shots Come out Easier

   A shot is supposed to go down smooth and fast. The same can be said about a jello shot. But jello likes to stick to the mold it was made in and that could make it difficult to make jello shots. There are ways to make jello shots come out easier and it’s easier […]

Jello shots don’t have to be made with vodka and the best jello shots with rum recipes prove that with every shot you take. Jello Shots with Coconut Rum | Orange Jello Shots with Rum | Spiced Rum Jello Shots | Strong Jello Shots Recipe | Dark Rum Jello Shots

Jello Shots with Rum Recipes for Every Party

 Who doesn’t want a jello shot of vodka? But you don’t have to use vodka to make jello shots, you could make jello shots with rum recipes. That will really throw your party guests for a loop and they will love them just as much as they would if they had vodka.  Vodka is the […]

Bulk mai tai recipes can help liven up your party and make planning and hosting a party easier than ever. Serve these mai tai pitcher recipes for parties of any size for a flavorful cocktail guests will love! What is a Mai Tai | How to Make a Mai Tai | Cocktails for Parties | How to Make Cocktails in Bulk

Bulk Mai Tai Recipes | Mai Tai Recipes for a Crowd

 Make cocktails in bulk and allow others to pour their own premade cocktail. To make bulk cocktails, you need a cocktail that can be made in bulk, like mai tais. Bulk mai tai recipes are very easy and can be made in different flavors as well. When it comes to making cocktails for a party, […]

There are many flavors to choose from, and when you learn how to make Jello shots quick you can get the party started even faster! Jello Shot Recipes | Jello Shots Ideas | Party Recipes | Happy Hour Recipes | Cocktail Recipes | Recipes for Adults

How to Make Jello Shots QUICK

Jello shots are an instant party. A true crowd-pleaser, not just for the college crowd, but for casual, fun-loving party-goers everywhere. But first, you need to know how to make Jello shots quick so you can hurry up and get the party started. There are many flavors to choose from when making Jello shots. Once you […]

Welcome in the New Year with some New Year’s Eve toast quotes to make your countdown to the new year even more meaningful for those around you. New Year's Eve Quotes | Toasts for New Year's Eve | Quotes for Toasts | New Year's Eve Sayings

New Year’s Eve Toast Quotes that are Funny and Inspiring

Many traditions are widely practiced and others are unique to our own families. One tradition nearly everyone follows is the countdown to midnight, often with a glass of champagne and a New Year’s Eve toast. This year, make that moment even more special with these New Year’s Eve toast quotes.   The holiday season is […]

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