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If you want to become a wine aficionado, then you should know that wine glasses help each type of wine, and the best of the best is Riedel Wine Glasses. #riedel #wine #whino #wineglasses #wineanytime

Riedel Wine Glasses Drinking Guide

Riedel Makes many different types of wine glasses and they can usually be found in sets. Each set has different characteristics in the type of glass, the method it was made, and other features. Luckily for all of us each series comes in various shapes and sizes to accommodate every wine available to drink. In […]

Football stadiums are a great place to enjoy craft beer. There are lots of great brews offered at these football stadiums; check them all out this season! #football #footballstadiums #beer #craftbeer #travel #sports #traveltips

Best Football Stadiums to Find Craft Beer

Once again it is time for Football season! Many of us have been waiting since early February for the masters of the gridiron to once again take to the field. As an avid beer drinker, I feel it is very important to cheer on your favorite team with your favorite beer in hand. I prefer […]

Having Whole30 snacks you can carry with you is so important so you can stay on track and not give into unhealthy options when your day gets away from you. #whole30 #easysnacks #healthysnacks | Whole30 Recipes | Whole30 Snacks | Weight Loss Recipes

Whole30 Snacks to Carry with You on Work and Travel

Diet or no diet life without snacks is no fun. Instead of cutting snacks out of your diet completely turn to this list of Whole30 snacks that you can carry with you! We’re all busy and putting the day on hold in order to seek out some healthy Whole30 approved snacks is not always an […]

Some quotes make you think, some are great when you need a boost, these are the best positive quotes to make you smile. Smiling is the best medicine! #quotes #positivity #smile | Positive Quotes | Inspirational Quotes | Motivational Quotes

Best Positive Quotes to Make you Smile

Why is it that quotes are such a popular thing searched on the internet? It’s because we all need a little inspiration from time to time. Positive quotes have the power to turn a bad day into a good day, make us smile, laugh, or get that cry out that we needed so desperately. Like […]

What could be better than catching a baseball game while enjoying a hot dog and an ice cold craft beer?! These are the best ballparks for craft beer lovers. #beer #happyhour #baseball | Craft Beer | Best Ballparks | Best Craft Beer

Best Ballparks for Craft Beer Lovers

Imagine going to a ballpark to watch your favorite baseball team play: You grab a hot dog, maybe some nachos, and you notice a great selection of craft beer.  Almost all of the major ballparks in the U.S. carry a selection of great local craft beer. What better way to watch a baseball game than […]

The best feel good movies make you laugh, they lift your spirits, and they make the world look like the place we hope for it to be! #movies | Best Movies to Watch | Feel Good Movies | Best Classic Movies | What to Watch

Best Feel Good Movies that Make Everything Alright

There are some movies out there that always make me feel great about the world. Feel good movies are great for watching when you need a “pick me up”, they’re also great when you just need something to watch that isn’t too heavy or intense. Feel good movies remind us to look for good in […]

To jump-start your journey to healthy eating, you need to start every day right with some of the best Whole30 breakfast recipes. #whole30 #healthy #recipes | Whole30 Recipes | Whole30 Breakfast Recipes | Healthy Breakfast Recipes

Best Whole30 Breakfast Recipes

Many diet plans cut out the fats, sugars, or carbs in order to help you lose weight. However there are some of us who, no matter how hard we diet and workout, just can’t lose the weight. Whole30 may have the solution to that problem. Whole30 helps us take out the foods that are harming […]

Watching the 2016 Olympics is easier when you look at the highlights on YouTube that fast become trending during the summer. #olympics #sports #competition | Where to Watch the Olympics | Olympics Videos on Youtube | Best of the Olympics

Best 2016 Olympics YouTube Videos

Let me be very clear here, sports and I just don’t get along. However, I do love watching the big games. I’m talking about the World Series, the World Cup, the Super Bowl (duh), and also the Olympics. There’s just something about cheering on the people who represent the USA on a world stage that […]

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