Sunday, November 19, 2017
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There is nothing wrong, absolutely nothing wrong with being a geek. Being a geek means you know how to use tech, follow the newest trends, and are probably the one everyone asks for help. The Best of Life is filled with geeks of all different types and we want to share our geek knowledge with everyone. If you’re in need of some geek news or tips, The Best of Life is the place you’ll most likely find what you need. It’s time we light our geeky flags fly and represent the parts of our lives that people once hid before. Tech tips, we’ve got them, tech gifts, we have those too. Want to know more about the latest games your children are playing? We can help with that as well. No matter what aspect of the nerd world you need help with, The Best of Life has it. In fact, the first thing we should discuss is that nerds aren’t geeks. There is a difference, and we are both.


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