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The best young adult novels to read are able to draw in any audience. Age is just a number, an unimportant one when it comes to literature. What to Read | Best Books to Read | Easy Books to Read | Kids Books for Adults | Children's Books for Adults

Best Young Adult Novels to Read Regardless of Age

I think it’s a pretty common misconception that the Young Adult subset of popular literature, is only to be read by young adults. The best young adult novels to read are the ones that transcend an age limit. Sure, there are some novels in this category that are probably only suited for young adults. That […]

Bullet journal work ideas keep my other work organized and that makes bullet journaling almost mandatory for me and my busy lifestyle. Bullet Journal Ideas | Organization Tips | How to Get Organized at Work | Productivity Tips | Bullet Journal Tips

Bullet Journal Work Ideas to Get Your Hustle On

I don’t want to brag but I do want to paint a picture for you. I am an entrepreneur, a mother, a cook, a wife, a taxi driver, a teacher, a maid, a boss, and also need a little time for myself. As you can see, if someone painted a picture of my life it […]

Bullet journal fall leaves can really help you add a touch of the season to your bullet journal and doodles could help drive that theme home. Bullet Journal Doodles Step by Step | Bullet Journal Doodles Flowers | Bullet Journal Doodles Space | Bullet Journal Doodles Plants | Bullet Journal Drawings | Doodle Ideas

Bullet Journal Fall Leaves Ideas and Doodles

There are so many different ways to personalize a bullet journal. That is why so many people find it easier to organize their lives in a bullet journal. There are no specific rules on how it works. There are guidelines but everything is up for your own interpretation. Doodles are one way to customize and […]

While you bite your nails waiting to see who will win the game of thrones learn some awesome facts about Game of Thrones. Game of Thrones Trivia | Info About Game of Thrones | Game of Thrones Behind the Scenes

20 Awesome Facts About Game of Thrones

The battle for the iron throne is past the heating up stage. We are in the last stretch of what will surely be an amazing few episodes. While the biggest burning question won’t be answered until the end of the series, we can learn other things about Westeros. In fact, there are quite a few […]

Take advantage of some Bixby tips so you can start using your Samsung device like a pro and live life a little easier. What is Bixby | Tech Tips | Samsung Tips | Samsung Hacks #Samsung #bixby #technology

7 Bixby Tips to Help Save your Sanity

Bixby is the built-in assistant that Samsung has included in almost all of its new phones since early 2017. The goal of the voice-activated assistant is to rival Google (in Android phones) and Siri (in Apple devices). All you need to fully appreciate this option are some of the best Bixby tips that will help […]

Knowing how to take a screenshot on a Mac can come in handy and is one of the many useful things to know on a Mac operating system. #Mac #support #tech #genius | How to Use a Mac | Mac vs Windows | Mac Tech Support

How to Take a Screenshot on a Mac | Screenshot Tips

There are many different reasons for taking screenshots. But no matter what your reason, you may not know how to take a screenshot on a Mac. If you’re familiar with how to take a screenshot on a Windows computer, you will be lost on a Mac. The two devices handle things very differently and that […]

21 Motivational Instagram Captions

Instagram can be used in a variety of ways to influence those around you. From sharing moments of your daily life to posting your greatest adventures, you have the ability to make an impact on your followers. Many people want that impact to be one of motivation and encouragement. There are many motivational Instagram captions […]

There are several ways one can use a fitness bullet journal to track fitness habits and reach health goals. One way is through a strategically-designed weekly spread. Fitness Tips | Best Fitness Tips | Easy Fitness Tips | Fitness Bullet Journal Tips | Easy Fitness Bullet Journal Tips | Best Fitness Bullet Journal Tips | Fitness BuJo Tips | Fitness BuJo Ideas

Fitness Bullet Journal | Weekly Spread Ideas for a Healthy Life

Many people desire new methods for achieving a healthier lifestyle and higher level of fitness. Some turn to nutrition, like the ketogenic diet. Others focus on exercise and weight loss. But the most effective method for many begins with identifying their current habits. For this, we like to use a fitness bullet journal. Bullet journals […]

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