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Take your barbecue and turn it into a patriotic party that everyone will enjoy by using the best July 4th recipes for your patriotic celebration. What to Make on the 4th of July | Fourth of July Food Ideas | July 4th Cocktail Recipes | 4th of July Dessert Recipes | Fourth of July BBQ Recipes

101+ July 4th Recipes for a Patriotic Celebration

Drive through just about any town in the country on the Fourth of July and you will surely smell multiple barbecues going on. That is simply because barbecues are the way we celebrate, of course, fireworks too but the food is most important. If you’re hosting a July 4th party you will surely want to […]

Bulk mai tai recipes can help liven up your party and make planning and hosting a party easier than ever. Serve these mai tai pitcher recipes for parties of any size for a flavorful cocktail guests will love! What is a Mai Tai | How to Make a Mai Tai | Cocktails for Parties | How to Make Cocktails in Bulk

Bulk Mai Tai Recipes | Mai Tai Recipes for a Crowd

 Make cocktails in bulk and allow others to pour their own premade cocktail. To make bulk cocktails, you need a cocktail that can be made in bulk, like mai tais. Bulk mai tai recipes are very easy and can be made in different flavors as well. When it comes to making cocktails for a party, […]

There are many flavors to choose from, and when you learn how to make Jello shots quick you can get the party started even faster! Jello Shot Recipes | Jello Shots Ideas | Party Recipes | Happy Hour Recipes | Cocktail Recipes | Recipes for Adults

How to Make Jello Shots QUICK

Jello shots are an instant party. A true crowd-pleaser, not just for the college crowd, but for casual, fun-loving party-goers everywhere. But first, you need to know how to make Jello shots quick so you can hurry up and get the party started. There are many flavors to choose from when making Jello shots. Once you […]

Use the best buffalo chicken dip instant pot recipes to turn your game day into a game day celebration to remember. Instant Pot Dip Recipes | Game Day Recipes | Super Bowl Party Recipes | Buffalo Chicken Recipes | Buffalo Chicken Instant Pot Recipes

Buffalo Chicken Dip Instant Pot Recipes that are Perfect for Game Day

There are many different foods that are perfect for game day, most of which are finger foods. Finger foods often require dips, which are the next most common foods found at a game day party and the best dip could very well be buffalo chicken dip. Now, you can use your pressure cooker to make […]

New Year’s Eve cocktails help you make New Year’s Eve that much more special as you celebrate the year with friends and family and welcome in the New Year. New Year’s Eve Recipes | New Year’s Eve Party | New Year’s Eve Drinks | Cocktail Recipes | Champagne Cocktail Recipes | Beer Cocktail Recipes

New Year’s Eve Cocktails for a Party

There are many different ways to ring in the new year but the most popular is with a cocktail in your hand and a loved one within arm’s reach. But when it comes to that cocktail, you need the best New Year’s Eve cocktails. These are the only way to drink properly on New Year’s […]

Make some easy backyard BBQ drinks to make sure your party guests stay cool while you cook and enjoy the summer weather. #BBQ #BBQrecipes #BestRecipes #drinks #drinkrecipes #summer #summerdrinks #summerrecipes

15 Backyard BBQ Drinks for an Outdoor Party

Having food cooked over a hot flame is amazing and enjoying the warm summer sun makes it even better. But it will be hot outside and that BBQ will make things even hotter. To stay cool, some can use a swimming pool or some misters. But if you don’t have either, you can just make […]

There is no need to worry about reservations or cover fees when you head out to the best dive bars in San Diego for a round or two of drinks with friends. Best Dive Bars in San Diego | Best Bars in San Diego | Where to Drink in San Diego | San Diego Travel Tips | Best San Diego Travel Tips | Cheap Bars in San Diego

Best Dive Bars in San Diego

Some people believe that calling a bar a “dive bar” only insults the bar owner who works hard to keep a good image. However, if we define the dive bar as people mean it today, maybe it shouldn’t be so offensive. We view A dive bar as a bar that is suited for everyone. It […]

There is more to tequila than a margarita! Tequila cocktails are perfect for happy hour gatherings, parties, or to enjoy with chips and salsa! Tequila Recipes | Tequila Drinks | How to Drink Tequila | How to Make a Margarita | Cocktail Recipes

Tequila Cocktails for Parties | One with Life Tequila

When it comes time to throw a PARTY, COCKTAILS are usually part of the planning stage. Picking the perfect COCKTAIL MENU for your guests is important. There are many different options for cocktail parties but TEQUILA COCKTAILS are a must. Tequila cocktail recipes are always delicious and make for a fun night with family and […]

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