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Simply knowing how to set up Google Alerts can help you monitor your name, business, and any personal or professional topics of interest to you on Google. Google Alerts Tips | Google Alerts Uses | Google Features | Ways to Stay Connected | Business Tools from Google

How to Set Up Google Alerts

Google is a very popular company. We even use its name as a verb. But before there were a Chromecast and Android phone or even a smart car in the works there was a search engine. Google became Google by giving us a better way to search for the things we want or need. You […]

The Chamberlain MyQ Home Bridge is a device that extends your smart home from inside your home to your garage door with just a few simple steps. MyQ | Smart Home | tech | Gifts | Garage Door Tech | Apple HomeKit | HomeKit Devices | Apple | Liftmaster | Chamberlain

Chamberlain MyQ® Home Bridge | Compatible with Apple HomeKit™

This post is sponsored by Chamberlain. I was paid for this post and received the featured Home Bridge as compensation. App-enabled garage door openers have been well-received thanks to the help of the Chamberlain MyQ® garage controller. Users of the MyQ® Garage controller have become familiar with opening and closing the garage door with an […]

IFTTT may be complicated at first but once you get going, you can make some of the best IFTTT recipes for a smart home and take your smart home to the next level. IFTTT Recipes | What is IFTTT | Tech Tips #IFTTT #tech #smarthome

Best IFTTT Recipes For a Smart Home

Alright, so we’ve started explaining the basics behind smart homes and how to get started with yours. Now it’s time to get a bit more complicated. After all, as everything progresses it gets harder, but you also become more knowledgeable. Consider this your cheat sheet for IFTTT in general. The acronym IFTTT stands for “If […]

Considering becoming a "smart home" owner? Starting small with your smart home is a good idea, so find the best LED Bulbs that you can with our tips. Why LED Bulbs are Better | Smart Lighting Tips | Smart Home Tips #Smarthome #tech #LED #smartlight

Best LED Bulbs For a Smart Home

In building my smart home I came to one conclusion, this is one task I wanted to tackle in stages. The first stage was to find the smallest possible smart lights. Every smart light is an LED, so I have to type out the full name once, but from then on will refer to them […]

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