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Use Instant Pot spaghetti recipes to help you save a bit of time in the kitchen and prepare a delicious meal everyone will enjoy! Instant Pot Spaghetti Recipes without Meat | Instant Pot Spaghetti Recipes from Scratch | Instant Pot Spaghetti Bolognese | Instant Pot Spaghetti Frozen Beef

Instant Pot Spaghetti Recipes that Anyone Can Make

Spaghetti isn’t something you think about making in an Instant Pot. Noodles need time to soak up water and soften. That is still true with Instant Pot spaghetti recipes but there is a difference. You can cook the pasta sauce in the same amount of time as the noodles, without having to stir constantly. That […]

You have everything you need to throw a family fiesta every Tuesday when you have the best Instant Pot taco Tuesday recipes. What is Taco Tuesday | When Did Taco Tuesday Start | What to Eat on Taco Tuesday | Taco Tuesday Trademark | Taco Tuesday Restaurants

Instant Pot Taco Tuesday Recipes for a Fiesta

Tuesdays come pretty early in the week. That means that taco Tuesday come at us pretty fast. Enjoying tacos on taco Tuesday may not be as easy as it should be. This is when the Instant Pot comes into play. Using an Instant Pot to make sure you enjoy taco Tuesday is easy. You only […]

Use these instant pot crack chicken recipes to make exciting and delicious meals with chicken. They are great for days when you are short on time! What is Crack Chicken | Why is it Called Crack Chicken | How to Make Crack Chicken | What is in Crack Chicken | Can You Make Crack Chicken in an Instant Pot

45 Instant Pot Crack Chicken Recipes

Chicken has been cooked in so many different ways. But one way of cooking chicken is known as crack chicken. It’s called crack chicken because it is so good that it is addicting. Instant pot crack chicken recipes also make it very easy to make crack chicken. While the base of crack chicken is easy […]

Use easy instant Pot chicken and rice recipes to turn a boring chicken and rice dish into something truly amazing and filled with flavor. What is an Instant Pot | How to Use an Instant Pot | How to Cook Chicken in an Instant Pot | How to Cook Rice in an Instant Pot | Instant Pot Dinner Recipes

Easy Instant Pot Chicken and Rice Recipes

For centuries, there has been a meal that just about everyone has enjoyed: chicken and rice. The chicken and rice can be in soup form or they could just share a plate. Either way, the pair is good, and having a good pressure cooker makes it even better. These easy Instant Pot chicken and rice […]

The perfect pot of chili can easily make a lunch or dinner, family night or larger gathering, one of your best. Make this easy beanless Instant Pot chili recipe. Instant Pot Recipes | How to Make Chili in an Instant Pot | How to Make Chili | Beanless Chili Recipe | Chili Recipe Without Beans

Beanless Instant Pot Chili Recipe

   A bowl of chili can be a beautiful thing.  This warming comfort food is packed with flavor and is often the star of many summer cook-offs and home cook tastings.  To make the best chili, layering of flavors is key.  And you no longer have to slow cook over an open fire to obtain […]

Instant Pot recipes for beginners come in many different forms and the best part is you can't get them wrong. Instant Pot Ideas for Newbies | How to Use an Instant Pot | What is an Instant Pot | What is a Pressure Cooker | How to Use a Pressure Cooker

Instant Pot Recipes for Beginners that are FAIL Proof

 You might be intimidated by this high-pressure, fast-cooking gadget.  Are you a pressure-cooking newbie with no clue how to begin? What you need are some of the best Instant Pot recipes for beginners that are absolutely fail-proof.   You took your Instant Pot out of the box. That’s the first step. But something is holding […]

Amp up your taco Tuesday dinner game with the best Instant Pot carnitas recipes that will fill your shells and your belly. Taco Tuesday Recipes | Taco Recipes | Mexican Recipes | Mexican Food Recipes | How to Make Carnitas | What are Carnitas

Instant Pot Carnitas Recipes That Are Perfect for Taco Tuesday

What does it take to have the best Taco Tuesday ever? Well, you will need taco shells or tortillas, all of the toppings your heart desires, and of course, the meat. There are many different forms of tacos with different ingredients in hundreds of combinations. However, carnitas is among the most popular taco ingredients. The […]

Preparing meals at home saves money, and now you can save time, too, with these fast and easy instant pot breakfast recipes. Instant Pot Recipes | Breakfast Recipes | Easy Breakfast Recipes | Easy Instant Pot Recipes | How to Use an Instant Pot

Easy and Fast Instant Pot Breakfast Recipes

Some say breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  Others would rather skip it in favor of a quick cup of coffee.  If you really had the time to prepare a satisfying and delicious breakfast though, wouldn’t you do it? That’s where your Instant Pot comes in.  If you have this insanely popular […]

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