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If you want to become a wine aficionado, then you should know that wine glasses help each type of wine, and the best of the best is Riedel Wine Glasses. #riedel #wine #whino #wineglasses #wineanytime

Riedel Wine Glasses Drinking Guide

Riedel Makes many different types of wine glasses and they can usually be found in sets. Each set has different characteristics in the type of glass, the method it was made, and other features. Luckily for all of us each series comes in various shapes and sizes to accommodate every wine available to drink. In […]

Drinking wine doesn't have to cost a fortune! Enjoy these best red wines under 10 dollars alone or when entertaining. Happy Hour Wines | Best Cheap Wines | Wine Parties | Party Planning Tips #wine #redwine #whino

10 Best Red Wines Under $10

Red wines under $10 are better tasting than you may think. Next time you head to the wine aisle and find yourself upset that you can’t afford the bottles behind the glass, don’t fret. Just remember your friends at Best of Life and use our list of some of the best reds under $10. You won’t […]

Basically, if you have a sense of humor and like a retreat at the end of the day, you should open a bottle of wine and stream Deadpool. Deadpool | Best Movies | Wine Drinking Tips #movies #streaming #wine #deadpool

Best Reasons to Drink Wine & Stream Deadpool

Finding a good movie these days can be a challenge at times. Even more so if you are over, oh say, the age of 38.  Wait, maybe it’s over 38 with kids?  Or over 38 with kids and a demanding job?  You may start to get the picture here when it come to what I […]

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