Party Planning

Party planning is key to living your Best Life! Looking for the best party ideas can get a little complicated and we are here to help! From recipes to decorations and party favors, you can find it here!

Party Food Ideas

Who doesn’t like some good old-fashioned booze? Booze comes in many forms and can be enjoyed in every single one. You can pour some booze over ice and enjoy it straight or you can mix your favorite ones to make a fancy cocktail.


No matter what you want to portray to your guests, The Best of Life has you covered. You can find all of the party ideas that will work the best for you right here and party planning has never been so easy.

Home Decor Ideas

Many people are familiar with the idea of slow cooking in a crock pot. But there is another way you can save time in the kitchen, even if you forget to set everything in the morning or the night before. Instant Pot recipes are time-saving recipes that provide you with amazing meals in half the time.