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Alcohol. What else is there to say about booze? Plenty. The best booze can be found right here on the Best of Life. We share our experiences with alcohol as we search for the best draft beers, where to get it, best wines and for how much. Our goal is to help others find the same love for drinking as we do. Alcoholism is of course not condoned, however, a good drink is hard to pass up. Booze covers all different types of alcohol from draft beer and a restaurant to the best wines for less money. Cocktails are included in this category because, but we find that wine and beer just seem to go better with foods and desserts. When you’re looking to grab a bottle of wine before heading to a friend’s house or where to take a beer lover for the best drafts, we have you covered.

Once you figure out how to store wine properly, you can stock up on your favorite wines and keep those wine club shipments coming. Ways to Store Wine | How to Keep Wine Good | Wine Storage Tips | Where to Store Wine | What Temp to Store Wine at #wine #whinos #winetips

How to Store Wine | Wine Storage Tips

Ever wonder why wineries use cellars to store their wines during the aging process? There is a lot more to storing wine than just keeping...
San Francisco is full of things to do! While visiting, be sure to check out the coolest bars in San Francisco. Best Bars in San Francisco | Best Themed Bars in San Francisco | Where to Drink in San Francisco #sanfrancisco #bars #cocktail #happyhour

Seriously the Coolest Bars in San Francisco

When you open a business of any kind in a city like San Francisco, you are making a huge gamble. Cities are home to...
Regardless of how often you enjoy wine, knowing how long wine lasts after opening will help you enjoy them during their prime and never worry about wasting wine. Wine Tips | How to Make a Bottle of Wine Last | How to Save Wine #wine #winebottle #winetips

How Long Wine Lasts After Opening

Everyone knows that once you open a bottle of wine, the chances of it going bad are raised. But there is no need to...
Funny Wine Glass Sayings should make you smile and get your imagination going so uncork a bottle and make a list of your own sayings while you enjoy a glass of wine! #winequotes #wine | Funny Wine Quotes | Funny Quotes | Best Quotes | Quotes About Wine

10 Funny Wine Glass Sayings | Wine Glass Gifts

There are different wine glasses for different wines: glasses for red wine, white wine, and sparkling wine. Wine glasses can be stemmed or stemless,...
Finding the right wine club to join is a personal decision, but there are many Ponte Wine Club benefits that make wine lovers feel appreciated as they enjoy their wine. Wine Clubs | Best Wine Clubs | Wine Hobbies | Temecula Wine Country #Wine #Winedown

Ponte Wine Club Benefits & Membership Perks

The largest vineyard in Temecula is the Ponte Family Estate. This estate is a 300-acre vineyard with 23 different wines and has been in...
Enjoy a salty snack with an easy to make beer dip for pretzels during your next game day rooting for your favorite team. Easy Game Day Recipes | Best Game Day Recipes | Best Dip Recipes for Game Day | Easy to Make Dip Recipes #dip #snack #recipes #gameday

Beer Dip for Pretzels | Game Day Dip Recipes

Game days are upon us, which means we will need some of the best game day recipes. Most game day recipes will keep us...
The best whiskey drinks for summer can open you up to a whole new world of whiskey cocktails that are refreshing and easy to make. #whiskey #summer #cocktails | Whiskey Cocktails | Best Whiskey Cocktail Recipes | Easy Whiskey Cocktail Recipes

3 Whiskey Drinks for Summer | Highland Park Whisky

When it comes to drinking whiskey, many people reserve that drink for the winter. Whiskey is seen as a drink that warms you up,...
Learn how to enjoy whiskey more with some easy whiskey drinks that just about anyone can make and you may end up with a new favorite happy hour drink. Whiskey | Whiskey Drinks | Whiskey Cocktails #cocktails #cocktailrecipes #happyhour

15 Easy Whiskey Drinks Anyone Can Make

Whiskey isn’t the drink for everyone; some people love it and some can’t stand it. But whiskey is also one of the most revered...