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Alcohol. What else is there to say about booze? Plenty. The best booze can be found right here on the Best of Life. We share our experiences with alcohol as we search for the best draft beers, where to get it, best wines and for how much. Our goal is to help others find the same love for drinking as we do. Alcoholism is of course not condoned, however, a good drink is hard to pass up. Booze covers all different types of alcohol from draft beer and a restaurant to the best wines for less money. Cocktails are included in this category because, but we find that wine and beer just seem to go better with foods and desserts. When you're looking to grab a bottle of wine before heading to a friend's house or where to take a beer lover for the best drafts, we have you covered.

Red White and Blue Drink Recipes with Alcohol

The 4th of July is the perfect time to get outside and celebrate our country with an amazing BBQ, family, and friends. But it...
There is no need to worry about reservations or cover fees when you head out to the best dive bars in San Diego for a round or two of drinks with friends. Best Dive Bars in San Diego | Best Bars in San Diego | Where to Drink in San Diego | San Diego Travel Tips | Best San Diego Travel Tips | Cheap Bars in San Diego

Best Dive Bars in San Diego

Some people believe that calling a bar a "dive bar" only insults the bar owner who works hard to keep a good image. However,...
Holiday wine party ideas can take your party to the next level when you pair them with wines that you enjoy, like the Wines of Provence. Holiday Party Ideas | Holiday Wine Party Ideas | Best Holiday Party Themes | Best Holiday Parties | Best Holiday Wines | Best Wines for the Holidays

Holiday Wine Party Ideas | Provence France Wines

Everyone has a special way to celebrate the holidays and there are many different ways. Holiday dinners or cocktail parties fill the last couple...
Here are some hilarious tequila quotes that you may actually remember...because they're hilarious...and fun...and very true! Funny Quotes | Quotes to Say Cheers to | Tequila Drinks | Quotes for Drinking | Drinking Quotes

15 Hilarious Tequila Quotes You May Actually Remember

Tequila is a fickle mistress. You never know when she's going to come calling your name or what might happen once you answer the...
It's no secret we love margaritas, but there is so much more to do with tequila! From fruity drinks to coffees and spiced drinks, these tequila drinks that aren't margaritas are sure to be a favorite. Low Calorie Tequila Drinks | Tequila Cocktails | Tequila Drinks Recipes | Easy Tequila Drinks | Easy Cocktails with Tequila

15+ Tequila Drinks that Aren’t Margaritas

Margaritas may come in many different flavors, many different blends and tequila is the usual alcohol. But not every tequila drink comes in margarita...
Walk and enjoy Napa wines at one of their many wine tasting rooms in Downtown Napa. Napa Valley Vacation | Downtown Napa | Best Napa Wines | Where to Stay in Downtown Napa | Wine Tastings in Napa | Best Wines in Napa

24 Wine Tasting Rooms in Downtown Napa

Napa is known for its numerous vineyards and history in the wine industry. Vineyards scattered around have made Napa a must-see place for wine...
There is more to tequila than a margarita! Tequila cocktails are perfect for happy hour gatherings, parties, or to enjoy with chips and salsa! Tequila Recipes | Tequila Drinks | How to Drink Tequila | How to Make a Margarita | Cocktail Recipes

Tequila Cocktails for Parties | One with Life Tequila

When it comes time to throw a PARTY, COCKTAILS are usually part of the planning stage. Picking the perfect COCKTAIL MENU for your guests...
Make your Saturday night date night even better with the help of Tam O’Shanter and its Saturday night concerts throughout September.

Tam O’Shanter Entertains Angelenos with Saturday Night Concerts

Los Angeles, Aug. 22, 2017/Best of Life PR/--Tam O’Shanter is one of the restaurant members of the Lawry’s family of restaurants in Los Angeles....