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Plan the food for your next party, gathering, or just weekly meal planning with the help of these delicious recipes. We have breakfast recipes, easy dinner recipes, cocktails, and recipes for food allergies, too.

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Food is important, it keeps us going and keeps us healthy. However, the best food is the food that keeps us feeling full but also tastes amazing. Food can’t just be there to get a job done, we should enjoy it as well. The tastier the food the better. 


Breakfast is one of the best meals of the day and can take on many different forms. Some breakfasts are sweet, others are savory. Some are quick and some take time. No matter where your morning takes you, the first meal of the day can start off right with a little help from The Best of Life. 

Instant Pot Recipes

Many people are familiar with the idea of slow cooking in a crock pot. But there is another way you can save time in the kitchen, even if you forget to set everything in the morning or the night before. Instant Pot recipes are time-saving recipes that provide you with amazing meals in half the time.