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Ronald Reagan Quotes to Live By from his Presidential Library Close Up Portrait of Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan Quotes to Live By from his Presidential Library

I have long admired President Reagan and was so happy to finally get a chance to visit his Presidential Library this month.  I soaked up the Ronald Reagan quotes as we spent the day at the library. From the moment we arrived at the library, it was as if I was traveling back in time. […]

The best quotes about direction will motivate you to get back on track with a sense of purpose when it feels like everything has gone sideways. Quotes About Purpose | Quotes for Motivation | Right Direction Quotes | Different Directions Quotes | How to Motivate Yourself | Ways to Feel Inspired

Best Quotes About Direction and Purpose

 There are times in our lives where it feels like we are making no progress in the game. Our sense of direction and purpose seems dim at best. There are many ways you can get on track, but motivation might work best. Quotes about direction are perfect for that very job.  Life is an interesting […]

Flirty Quotes a Couple Kissing

Flirty Quotes to Send Him in a Text Message

 There are quotes for just about everything. Do you want to help a friend through a loss? Use a quote. Are you having a tough time staying motivated at the gym? Use quotes. There are even quotes to say before you take a shot, called a toast. But there are flirty quotes that come in […]

Heart with flowers Mother's Day Gifts Under $20

10 Mother’s Day Gifts Under $20 She will Love

Does the price of a gift relate to the emotion behind it? The answer is always no. You can easily find Mother’s Day gifts under $20 that she will love and that could have more meaning behind it. Mother’s Day gifts are hard to find, plain and simple.   Mothers do so much daily and […]

Use inspirational Tuesday motivation quotes to get you through the week when it’s hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel in your work week. Tuesday Quotes for Work | Beautiful Tuesday Quotes | Tuesday Quotes Funny | Motivational Quotes for Employees | Happy Tuesday Quotes Funny | Tuesday Motivation Funny

Inspirational Tuesday Motivation Quotes to Keep you Going

 Many of us are prepared for Monday, it’s Tuesday that catches us off guard. Inspirational Tuesday motivation quotes could help keep you going. Tuesday, you have nothing but the week ahead of you to look forward to. That is why everyone can use a little Tuesday inspiration. Mondays could be one of the hardest days […]

graduation quotes from parents 3 graduate girls in gowns

Graduation Quotes from Parents

  Graduation is right around the corner and that means teens will be moving onto the next stage of their lives. Luckily, there are graduation quotes from parents that you can use to express the feelings you thought might not have words.  The best graduation quotes from parents can help you express your pride, joy, and […]

Hustle Quotes woman starting over clouds

10 Hustle Quotes for Women | Woman Boss Quotes

 Everyone finds that they have rough days. That is when you should reach for some motivation. You could absolutely use some hustle quotes for women to help get you out of bed and out into the world creating a life for yourself.  Hustling isn’t only for men; it is for everyone. Women hustle just as […]

Graduation Quotes for Your Son creative image

Graduation Quotes for Your Son

 Graduation is here and your son has made it. He successfully navigated through the trials and perils of high school. In fact, he has come out on the other side with a diploma. Now, it’s time to put words to the feelings. Finding words is always the hardest. Luckily, you could use graduation quotes for your […]

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