Best Pokemon Go Safety Tips

Pokemon Go Safety Tips Driving
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Have you tried the new and hugely popular Pokemon Go?! There are few things you need to get started: a smartphone, the Pokemon Go app, a portable battery pack, and most importantly you will need common sense!

Staying safe while playing Pokemon Go is not terribly difficult but you do need to be a bit more aware of your surroundings! Some of you may have read reviews about how dangerous it can be do play this game, most of that can be avoided by thinking a little!

Some of you will read these tips and think “DUH, That’s obvious”. After listening to some of the news reports and talking to fellow gamers I think it could be helpful for some players to read these tips.

Here are some of the best Pokemon Go safety tips, use them and don’t end up in a headline!

Judging by the news stories and some tales from my fellow gamers, I'd say it's high time we discuss some of the Best Pokemon Go Safety Tips!

Safety in Numbers

There has been news about people targeting players by adding a module to a Pokestop and then mugging people who show up to take advantage of the swarming Pokemon. Be smart and play with other people you know. You’re less likely to get ambushed by a criminal if there are a bunch of people. It also stands to reason that you should check out your surroundings before you get wrapped up in the game. 


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