Best Man Snacks to Keep on Hand

Man Snacks For The Man On The Go
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There is a war taking place in my home. The battlefield is the kitchen, the parties participating in the war include my kids, my wife, and myself. What’s the focus of the war? The snack cabinet. Where my children want something sweet, my wife wants something healthy, and I want something salty, sour, or a little bit carbonated. Since we can’t always agree on what snacks to have, we try to keep a little bit of everything on hand. I’ve dubbed my options in the cabinet the ‘man snacks’.

A man snack is a snack that we enjoy with a cold beer, after a hard day's work or while watching the game and should always be on hand.

If you’re a man or there is a man in your life there are a few man snacks that should always be on hand.



This is a precursor to what will be my next “man snack” because they go so well together. Cashews just taste great, they can fill you up or act as a healthy option when you’re snacking. Sahale Cashews are a favorite amongst my family and friends because they have so many different flavors and types.

Beer (Craft)

Beer, in general, is always good to have on hand. True beer drinkers know that cans aren’t always the best. Unfortunately, we all can’t have a tap or two in our home to get fresh tasting beer. What we can have though is growlers of beer. Head to your favorite brewery and find out if they will fill a growler for you, fresh from the tap.


Pickles are often mistreated and tossed aside like trash. I will gladly take the pickles from my kid’s burgers or wife’s sandwich any day of the week. If we don’t go out for a meal, I need to have pickles on hand. Any brand pickle will do, but Vlasic is just a classic in my opinion.


For a similarly satisfying crunch as you get with a pickle, pepperoncini are a great option. What you get with pepperoncini is not only the crunch but a burst of mild spiciness that is always welcomed. Pair a few Mezzetta Pepperoncini with a handful of cashews, and you’ve got a mini meal.


The snack olive has been picking up speed lately, and one of the best signs of that are the Mario Camacho Foods snack pack. These snack packs are pitted olives without the juice but they still pack all of the flavor. They even add a bit of garlic to the mix that makes them not only a great man snack but a great grab and go snack as well.


Since my wife has been diagnosed with an allergy to lactose, eating cheese has been a bit tricky. However, she loves me enough to still let me eat cheese in front of her. She doesn’t want me to miss out even though she can’t enjoy it as well. My go to cheese snack is Babybel Cheese, but it can vary depending on what’s available.

Man Snacks For The Man On The Go


Nachos are the definition of ‘man snacks’ for me. If you don’t have Babybel but still have other cheese, don’t be a heathen, melt the cheese on top of something else. How about a plate filled with tortilla chips? Nachos are an excellent way to get your cheese fix, but you can also throw some olives on there and have a real party. Any tortilla chips will work; I prefer restaurant style for the best results.

Mozzarella Sticks

What do you do if you don’t have tortilla chips or Babybel? You get deep fried mozzarella sticks. There’s no need for explaining this one. It should be pretty obvious why they are a great snack.

Jalapeno Poppers

You may be seeing a trend here since cheese is a common denominator. I do love cheese, and I love cheese in many different forms. I even love cheese stuffed into a jalapeno then deep fried.

Mini Corn Dogs

There has been a severe lack of meat on this man snacks list. Enter the mini corn dog option. Mini corn dogs take me back to the fair every time I eat them. For that reason, my favorite brand is State Fair mini corn dogs.

Sesame Seed Stick Mix

Getting a mixed nut snack mix is always a good idea for just about any situation. Add to that snack mix some sesame seed sticks, and you’ve got a must-have man snack. The Virginia Diner mix is a great one if you want to try them for the first time.



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