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Everyone loves food of some kind. There are many different kinds of foods and choosing one favorite may be difficult. What may be great today will seem like old news tonight. The Best of Life has the best food for you to cook yourself. Our posts can help you find the best recipes for any meal, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. If there is a special event that you need some themed food at, we've got you covered. One can enjoy food with family and friends or alone. No matter who you're eating with, the Best of Life has what you need. If you're looking for the right meal, the Best of Life is a great place to start. Your next meal can be the best you've had in a long time with a little help from the internet. Instead of searching and searching for the best recipes, let the Best of Life gather them up in one, easy to find, spot.

Shark Week Desserts are perfect for every night of Shark Week and will help you host a killer Shark Week party! Best Shark Week Recipes | Desserts for Shark Week | Shark Week Desserts | Shark Themed Desserts #sharkweek #desserts #recipes

15 Shark Week Desserts | Killer Dessert Recipes and Ideas

Do you and your family wait all year for that special week that comes every July? Summer is truly a special time in a...
Whole30 chicken recipes are perfect for lunch, easy to make, and will kickstart your 30 days while keeping you on track. #whole30 #chicken #recipes | Whole30 Chicken Recipes | Whole30 Lunch Recipes | Chicken Recipes for Weight Loss | Weight Loss Recipes

Whole30 Chicken Recipes that are Perfect for Lunch

The intention of the Whole30 diet is to create a lifestyle change and have a positive impact on your health and wellness by eliminating all...
Eating out with kids at the best restaurants in San Diego can be carefree and fun for everyone in the family if you dine at the best restaurants in San Diego to go to with kids. #sandiego #restaurants #food | Best Restaurants in San Diego | Family-Friendly Restaurants in San Diego | Kid-Friendly Restaurants in San Diego

5 Best Restaurants in San Diego to Go to with Kids

Parenting is hard work -- especially when your children are, well, children. Little ones seem to come with endless demands for attention and never-ending...
Not all red white and blue drinks need to have alcohol and when they don’t you can share the party drinks with guests of all ages. #fourthofjuly #drinks #party | Fourth of July Drinks| Drinks for Kids | Red White and Blue Drinks

Red White and Blue Drinks Without Alcohol

One of the many summer activities the whole family can enjoy is a Fourth of July celebration. All over the country, families get together...
Make some easy backyard BBQ drinks to make sure your party guests stay cool while you cook and enjoy the summer weather. #BBQ #BBQrecipes #BestRecipes #drinks #drinkrecipes #summer #summerdrinks #summerrecipes

15 Backyard BBQ Drinks for an Outdoor Party

Summertime means sunny days, warm weather and most importantly, outdoor parties! One of the best ways to spend a hot summer afternoon is at...
Find the best finger food appetizers to help keep everyone at your party happy and full as they celebrate whatever the occasion may be, even if it’s just a summer Saturday. No matter what you're celebrating this summer or if you're looking for things to do in summer, parties are the way to go and the best summer recipes will help make them even better.

21 Finger Food Appetizers for your Summer Party

Summer is here and that means vacation time, bathing suits, and of course, barbecues! Summer party ideas range from swimming parties to indoor cool-down...
The best boy baby shower food ideas aren't required to be difficult, they just need to be tasty and represent the theme of the party. Baby Shower Food Ideas for Boys | Best Baby Shower Food Ideas for Boys | Easy Baby Shower Food Ideas for Boys | Best Boy Baby Shower Food Ideas | Easy Boy Baby Shower Food Ideas | Baby Shower Recipes for Boys | Best Baby Shower Recipes for Boys | Easy Baby Shower Recipes for Boys

15 Boy Baby Shower Food Ideas for Party Planning

What makes a party memorable? While good company always tops the list, guests will also have a hard time forgetting a party with a...
There are many things that make a baby shower even more memorable and baby shower food ideas for a girl are among the top three. Baby Shower Ideas | Best Baby Shower Ideas | DIY Baby Shower Ideas | Easy Baby Shower Ideas | Best Baby Shower Recipes | Easy Baby Shower Recipes

Baby Shower Food Ideas for a Girl

Baby showers are a special time for everyone, they are celebrations of the phrase, “it takes a village”. Friends and family come together to...