There is nothing better than your dog chewing on the toy you gave it rather than your shoe and it is hard for your dog to resist this Foghorn Leghorn plush chew toy. Plush Dog Toys with Squeakers | Large Plush Dog Toys | Stuffed Dog Toys for Aggressive Chewers | Gift Ideas for Dog Owners | Gifts for Dogs | Dog Gift Ideas #dog #chewtoy
Foghorn Leghorn Plush Dog Chew Toy (1 piece)

Foghorn Leghorn Plush Dog Chew Toy (1 piece)


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Your dog loves to chew on things and that is okay. However, you want to make sure your dog chews on the right things, not your personal things. Luckily, you can use this Foghorn Leghorn plush dog chew toy to keep your dogs teeth away from your shoes. 

Foghorn Leghorn Plush Dog Chew Toy Features

  • Cotton blend
  • Design based on Looney Tunes character Foghorn Leghorn

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