7 Small Changes to Make if you Want Results

Small Changes to Make in Life to Be your BEST
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Change can be hard. It’s uncomfortable and make us all a bit itchy. But if we don’t feel the itch after making small changes we will definitely be feeling it if we don’t do a thing. When we don’t feel comfortable in our own skin, it shows. So instead of fighting it, focus on making changes that will yield the best results. Sometimes one small change can make a big difference all on its own.

7 Small Changes that Yield Big Results

Drink More Water

There’s a reason we will die in a week without water and can live without food for months.  It helps with so many things including maintaining your fluid balance, reducing brain fog, relieving bloat and even helps you eat less.  If you eat less, you may lose those couple pounds that annoy you.  If you lose those pounds, you will feel better.  If you feel better…

Is this all starting to make sense now?

Put your Phone Down

Yep.  We spend so much time interacting with the devices in front of our faces, it’s crazy! (Yes, I am guilty of it. My work depends on it.)  But put the phone away and spend time with the person you love that is right in front of you.  I guarantee the “impressions and reach” will be much further than anything you could find on Facebook or Instagram.

Have More Sex

Once you put that phone down, everything improves.  Sex is about as equal to water in importance. 😉  Ok, well we won’t die without it but it may feel like it.  Sex reduces stress, is a workout for your heart, helps us all sleep better, and gives us a very fresh perspective on what matters in life.  Our marriage, our relationship, whatever you call it, it’s important.  Without it many things can fall apart so take care of it and nurture it.

Small Changes to Make in Life to Be your BEST


Add in ten minutes a day and tell yourself that the bullet point above counts. 🙂  A walk, dancing to your favorite tunes while you get dinner ready, or a quick run in the morning to get your blood flowing.  It doesn’t matter how. Just do it.  The clarity that comes from an early morning workout and overall stress reduction are worth it, not to mention the reduced aches and pains.

Don’t Act too Much Like a Grown Up

We are in our 40’s – very low 40’s to be clear.   These last few years have really shown me the importance of living life.  Yes, we need to save for college and retirement, but you know what?  We might not make it to retirement.

So live. Be happy. Do what you love. Take risks. Enjoy the right here and now.  It will help you feel younger, reduce your stress and make you happier.

Try something new small changes to make in life

Try Something New

A rut is cruddy place to be and with all of the demands life places on it, it can be easy to feel like we are in one regardless of what age we are.  Try something new, start a new hobby, do something that you have always wanted to do. You may just feel more motivated, better about life each day, and feel a little hop in your step.

Do not Make Excuses.

I learned this lesson in a hard way after our second son passed away when he was full term.  I was forced to go to a counselor in order to get the short-term disability benefits I had paid for. I guess when your baby dies, they don’t think you deserve it.  I met this random counselor who happened to be such a blessing in life.  He helped me realize I had a very had habit of justifying my behaviors and trying to prove their value to someone.

“I just…”  “I should…” “I was supposed to…”.

Who cares! It didn’t matter to me why I was doing it; what mattered was that I changed it. He helped me and it has been a life changing thing for me.  Some may not care for it because it means the “why’s” of why I do anything are for a very limited circle of people, most importantly myself.  I don’t need to make the extras happy.

Put yourself first, take charge of your life, and feel the true happiness result.

Be Grateful

We each have a story that we can either choose to gripe about or be grateful for. Choose gratitude.  Make a conscious choice each day to talk out loud to someone about what you are grateful for in your day.  Talking it out loud puts it deeper in your subconscious and helps you pave a new way of viewing life.




  1. Very nice “food for thought ” article. I know what I am grateful for..and I am trying to be healthier..bit mostly I try to be compassionate and understand why people are the way they are and make.others lives happy too.


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