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  • DIY spring wreath ideas help bring a little taste of the season to your front porch in the best and easiest way possible.


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    Spring Wreath Ideas for Your Front Door

    When looking for seasonal decor, most people turn to the wreath. The wreath is a piece that can be changed with the seasons and remain up all year long. Spring is here, and it’s time to use some spring wreath ideas. The best spring wreath ideas include using plenty of flowers or just a few […]

  • Let's face it, quotes for boys are not quite the same as quotes for girls. They just need to hear something a little different sometimes!



    Quotes for Boys Room

    I’m crazy about quotes. You just never know when hearing just the right thing will cheer someone up or totally change their day. Recently I shared with you some great quotes for kids to motivate them. Today I wanted to share some quotes that are a little different. Unlike sarcastic quotes, or quotes about changes […]

  • Baby shower ideas for boys will help you throw the ultimate baby shower and may even end up with you being tasked with throwing more than just one party.


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    Baby Shower Ideas for Boys

    Throwing a baby shower for someone or for yourself can get a little crazy. Like other parties, you’ll need decor, snacks, games, and gifts. On the bright side, everything is a bit easier during a baby shower because the theme is already picked out for you. If the expecting mother is having a boy, then […]

  • Lose weight, stay fit, and eat healthy with the help of fat burning smoothies that can replace a meal like breakfast, lunch or dinner.


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    Fat Burning Smoothies for Dinner

    Smoothies are a great way to feel full, stay healthy and lose weight all at once. Combining natural ingredients into a blender and turning them into a meal is also very easy. Fat burning smoothies come in many different flavors. That variety means everyone can find a smoothie they like and use it to lose […]

  • The best Whole30 recipes help you start better eating habits and in turn a healthier body, better attitude and the body you’ve been wanting.

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    Best Whole30 Recipes: Ultimate List of 70+ Recipes

    It’s a common thought that to start or quit a bad habit you need about 30 days. You need 30 days of consistently replacing that bad habit with the new, better, habit. It’s this idea that helped create the Whole30 diet program. The program is not a lifelong diet but instead, a jump-start to a […]

  • Quotes about surrounding yourself with happiness is about more than just getting by, it's a lifestyle change that can really pay off over time.


    Quotes About Surrounding Yourself with Happiness

    We can all use a little more happiness in our daily lives. These quotes about surrounding yourself with happiness can make a difference in all kinds of situations. Some days we all need a little pick up and these quotes are perfect for doing just that! It can be hard to keep a positive attitude. […]

  • Gluten free bread machine ideas can help let you enjoy the fresh scents and tastes of many different types of bread without worrying about the side effects.

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    Gluten Free Bread Machine Recipes to Bake

    When it comes to making bread, no one has the time. The issue with not having the time means you miss out on tasting freshly baked bread. Thanks to technology, a bread machine has given the gift of fresh bread to the masses. The machine mixes and kneads the dough and then let the dough […]

  • Use your knowledge of wine pairings to come up with some of the best easy appetizers for wine during your next wine party.

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    Easy Appetizers for Wine Parties

    A wine party is basically just a party that is thrown with the primary goal of sharing wine. This is your chance to show off your excellent wine etiquette to your friends. However, there are a few things you’ll need in order to have an impressive wine party. Most importantly, you’ll need the wine, that’s […]

  • Whole30 dinner recipes will help you press the reset button on your eating habits for the new year and for any other time of year.


    Whole30 Dinner Recipes for Weight Loss

    The start of a new year usually means the start of a new diet, and that’s not a problem. The problem is when we try to go at it too strong, too fast, ultimately setting ourselves up for failure. Luckily there are plenty of diet plans that actually work and help us ease into a […]

  • The best quotes for kids are the kind that motivate them, inspire them, and help them use their brain! These are some great ones to get you started!


    Quotes for Kids to Motivate Them

    We have all been there. We hit a wall, we can’t go any further, we need some motivation! What you might be surprised to know is that kids have the same issues. One of the best ways to motivate kids is with some great quotes! These quotes for kids will help you motivate and inspire […]

  • Finding the best travel destinations for skiing requires a little work and research every year and may require you to visit new locations year after year.

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    Best Travel Destinations for Skiing in the USA

    Living in Southern California means that options for skiing are pretty limited. Winter weather in California has been hit or miss as of late, and that limits us even further. However, limits will not stop my family from traveling for a great ski trip. All we need to do is find the best travel destinations […]

  • Celebrate Chinese New Year with some great tasting foods that all have different meanings in the year to come and experience something new.

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    Chinese New Year Food and Recipes

    Chinese New Year is all about traditions in the Chinese culture. Starting with the day Chinese New Year falls on and ending with the foods and activities. The date always changes because it’s decided by using the traditional Chinese lunisolar calendar. What that means is the date depends on both the moon phase and the […]

  • You will need both discipline and an incredible attention span for when you do find the best ways to make money from home.

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    Ways to Make Money at Home

    One fateful day years ago I met a woman named Amy Barseghian. Amy and I talked a lot about our shared interests, passions, and goals and she would change my life forever. Only a year later I became a full-time writer for Amy and her website. I had found one of the best ways to […]

  • The list of things to do in Carlsbad in 2017 is really starting to stack up! The craft beer influence from San Diego county is rubbing off on Carlsbad.

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    Things to do in Carlsbad in 2017 for Beer Lovers

    Carlsbad, California is a city north of San Diego but south of Los Angeles and recently is has been building a reputation for it’s craft beer scene. While there were plenty of things to do in Carlsbad in the past, 2017 is looking like it’s going to be a good year. There is currently a […]

  • Eating gluten free was a pain at first, but now that I’ve found gluten free chocolate chip cookies recipes I feel whole again.

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    Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipes

    The best gluten free chocolate chip cookies recipes make you forget you’re eating with a dietary restriction. Sometimes they are so good you don’t even know they are gluten free. After all, isn’t the goal to feel normal again? When living with a dietary allergy, eating things like cookies or cakes without fear of the […]

  • It’s easy to find Disney quotes about friendship in everything they do. From books to movies, songs to theme park rides, the inspiration is everywhere.


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    Disney Quotes About Friendship

    There are only a few things that I consider myself to be a fan of but only one thing that I am an absolute fanatic about; Disney. Disney inspires me in many different ways and has helped shape the way I see things. One of the ways Disney inspires me is in my friendships. Disney […]

  • We are all getting ready to ring in the new year. These quotes will help you get the year started off on the right foot! Cheers to a new year!


    Quotes to Ring in the New Year

    As we conclude 2016 and prepare to ring in the new year I’m sure we all have a mixed bag of emotions. I wouldn’t be so bold as to proclaim 2016 the worst year in history but it has been rather tough for a lot of folks. Instead of looking back of the struggles we’ve […]

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    New Years Eve Outfits for the Perfect Look

    2017 is quickly approaching. That means we will be looking for some new goals and resolutions, preparing for tax season, and of course…planning a killer New Years Eve celebration. Part of that perfect New Years Eve is the outfit. Without the perfect New Years Eve Outfits who will know how much fun we are?!? Everyone […]

  • Gluten free beer bread recipes help me enjoy one of my favorite types of quick bread without worrying about my gluten allergy.

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    Gluten Free Beer Bread Recipes

    Beer bread has been around for quite some time and is an excellent way to enjoy such a delicious treat. Usually, the recipes are very easy and don’t take long at all. The best part is, the flavor of the best beer bread will impress everyone who tries it. For me, I had to find […]

  • Save some money and find some things to do in San Francisco for free that are just as fun as the most expensive outings around.

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    Things to Do in San Francisco For Free

    Finding things to do in San Francisco for free may at first feel impossible. However, if you look more closely you will find they are available. Just because San Francisco is known for being an expensive place to live doesn’t mean everyone here is loaded. But in the city of love, art, hipsters, and technology, […]

  • Try some of the easiest gluten free desserts to stay healthy and fight that sweet tooth all while keeping in line with your diet restrictions.

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    Gluten Free Desserts to Devour

    There are times when living with a gluten allergy makes you feel like you’re overly restricted in terms of eating. Desserts are especially hard because most of them are pastries that need gluten in some way to keep their form. There are gluten free desserts that are just as good, if not better than the […]

  • There are ways you can become a wine connoisseur, all you need is a pinky to raise and a few of the best wine tasting tips to get you through.

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    Wine Tasting Tips you Need to Know

    My wife and I drink wine regularly but by no means consider ourselves wine snobs. While we may not be able to taste wine with the best of them, we have picked up a few wine tasting tips along the way. Passing these tips on to you is our way of helping others enjoy wine. […]

  • Take advantage of all the gluten free diet benefits today and live a happier, healthier life. It's easier than you think to be healthy.

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    Gluten Free Diet Benefits to Consider

    Some diets help you lose weight, others help live longer, and still others help you stay alive in general. For some, a gluten free diet is one of the latter. However, gluten free diet benefits have spread to other people as well; even those without a gluten allergy are noticing the benefits of removing this […]

  • Eating out at fast food restaurants doesn't have to be bad for you, check out these Healthy Chick fil a Menu Items for inspiration!

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    Healthy Chick fil a Menu Items

    When you think fast food you might get nervous for your diet. It can be hard to balance a healthy diet and eating out, especially when it comes to fast food restaurants. Instead of worrying about what you can eat, skipping a meal, or blowing your whole day on one meal, choose from these healthy […]

  • It's hard to know how to react when neighbors are rude. I'm here to show you that you're not alone and that it's okay if it makes you feel snarky!

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    When Neighbors Are Rude

    Most of us will have neighbors at some time or another in our life. If you are lucky enough to make it through life without ever encountering neighbors you should count yourself extremely lucky. When neighbors are rude it puts you in a really tough spot. For me, that tough spot is figuring out how […]

  • Now that I've pulled out the Christmas decorations and got started shopping for the big day, it's time to pull out those holiday cookie recipes.

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    50+ Holiday Cookie Recipes

    Holiday cookie recipes are one of my favorite parts of the holidays. Yea, they require a bit of work but the reward is so sweet that I just can’t say no. In fact, baking holiday cookies is probaby the best part of the holidays. Now that the internet has been around for a few years, […]

  • Palm Springs Holiday Events Festival of Lights

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    Palm Springs Holiday Events 2016

    Day trips are an easy way for my family to get our sense of travel fullfilled even when we don’t have time to take a “real” trip. One of the places we love to visit is Palm Springs, California. We also find that traveling to Palm Springs holiday events make the trip even more worth […]

  • There are a lot of quotes floating around out there. These are the best quotes about change in life, you'll have one eventually, we all do!

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    Quotes About Change in Life

    You might have figured out by now that I really like quotes. They make a great phone background, they’re great for sharing with friends who need them, and most importantly they are a great way for me to help myself when I am feeling down. These are the best quotes about change in life. One […]

  • Easy Muffin Top Workouts

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    Muffin Top Workouts

    The dreaded muffin top is something that’s hard to get rid of, and many people have them. Even if you flatten the belly through rigorous workouts, you may still have the muffin top. But like any other part of your body, there are specific exercises that can help rid you of this curse. Muffin top […]

  • Coravin Wine System Wine Gifts

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    Coravin Wine System: Why Wine Lovers Need It

    In my house wine is always readily available. We have our favorite white wines and yes, some favorite reds as well. However, every bottle has a cork, and it’s difficult to think you can get a fresh-tasting glass of wine without the cork. Then we met the Coravin wine system, and our lives were changed. […]

  • Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, that doesn't mean it has to be full of carbs! These low carb breakfast ideas will keep you on track.

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    Low Carb Breakfast Ideas

    Keeping fit is about more than just going to the gym on a regular basis. Over the years I have learned first hand, the truth of this fitness battle. It is mostly fought in the kitchen, believe it or not! What we eat matters just as much as how often we work out. It is […]

  • We have advanced through so many things, and it's time our Thanksgiving dinner recipes do the same. Try something new this year and make new traditions.


    Thanksgiving Dinner Recipes for a Feast

    If this is your first year making Thanksgiving dinner recipes you might need some supplies. I can’t handle the stress of Thanksgiving without some tried and true staples. I need my stand mixer, plenty of baking sheets, as many spoons, scrapers, and spatulas as I can get my hands on, and of course I need […]

  • Life's going to be full of natural disasters, it doesn't matter if they are big or small you can clean them up with sarcasm!

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    How to Clean up Life’s Natural Disasters with Sarcasm

    Sometimes there comes a moment when sarcasm is the only option. Often, the only way you an keep from being completely and totally dragged down by life’s natural disasters is by picking yourself back up with sarcasm. If you find yourself bogged down by some new natural disasters I’m here to help! It’s a simple process […]

  • Park City is known for a lot things, soon it will be known to you, as a place to get some great eats! These are the best restaurants in Park City, Utah.

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    Best Restaurants in Park City Utah

    Winter is coming, and I think it may be time to head back to Park City, Utah. I want to see what things are like when everything is covered in snow. The problem is that it will be freezing. There will be plenty to do. I can head outside to snowboard or build a snowman, […]

  • Whole30 lunch recipes help me not only stay in compliance with an allergy but also helps me get and stay fit and healthy.


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    Whole30 Lunch Recipes for a Healthy Diet

    There are a lot of resources out there for the Whole30 program. You might want to check out this book, and it’s never a bad idea to have a planner to keep track of everything! There are also a lot of really great cookbooks that are suited specifically to Whole30 lunch recipes and the plan […]

  • The best wine gifts are perfect for any occasion, not just the holidays. These are perfect 'anytime' gits to give the wine lover in your life!


    Best Wine Gifts to Give All Year Long

    It’s inevitable, during the holiday season gift guides and shopping lists pop up all over the place. The great thing about wine lovers is that they like the same things no matter the time of year! If you are looking for the best wine gifts to give all year long then you have come to […]

  • Best Healthy Egg Breakfast Recipes

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    Best Healthy Egg Breakfast Recipes

    Breakfast is a difficult meal for me and my kids don’t make it any easier. Syrup-drenched pancakes, sugary French toast, and buttery waffles call my name every morning. However, there are ways to stay healthy and enjoy breakfast at the same time. Healthy egg breakfast recipes allow you to enjoy that morning meal once again […]

  • Making the best pins for Pinterest requires a bit of finesse, brain power, and a sprinkle of creativity to get you pins and followers.

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    10 Tips to Make The Best Pins For Pinterest

    Like any form of media, there is an art to social media. Getting likes on Instagram, followers on Twitter, and pins on Pinterest, requires a little more work than just posting or pinning. To excel, you may need a few tips to make the best pins for Pinterest. You need to master things like clarity, […]

  • Easy Thanksgiving Appetizers

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    Best Thanksgiving Appetizers

    For most, Thanksgiving is a holiday spent mostly in the kitchen. Not only do you have the turkey to cook which can take all day, but you’ve got the side dishes and desserts to make as well. While the main course is the star of the show, it’s the appetizers that keep the family satisfied […]

  • Man Snacks For The Man On The Go

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    Best Man Snacks to Keep on Hand

    There is a war taking place in my home. The battlefield is the kitchen, the parties participating in the war include my kids, my wife, and myself. What’s the focus of the war? The snack cabinet. Where my children want something sweet, my wife wants something healthy, and I want something salty, sour, or a […]

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