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Best Restaurants in Park City Utah

Park City is known for a lot things, soon it will be known to you, as a place to get some great eats! These are the best restaurants in Park City, Utah.

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Winter is coming, and I think it may be time to head back to Park City, Utah. I want to see what things are like when everything is covered in snow. The problem is that it will be freezing. There will be plenty to do. I can head outside to snowboard or build a snowman, but I may spend more time indoors. Luckily for me, I already know some of the best restaurants in Park City, Utah. My thought is that I can spend time outside, bundled up, playing in the snow. When I’ve lost the ability to handle the cold, I can head inside where a good meal and some toasty warm heat are waiting for me.

Park City is known for a lot things, soon it will be known to you, as a place to get some great eats! These are the best restaurants in Park City, Utah.

The best restaurants in Park City, Utah will keep us all warm and full.


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Riverhorse on Main | 540 Main St.

Not only is Riverhorse on Main one of the best restaurants in Park City, Utah. This restaurant is one of the best in the nation! If you’re a foodie like me, Riverhorse on Main is a must try dining experience. I would offer up a meal to try, but it’s seasonal and could change. Instead, I’ll tell you that a reservation isn’t recommended, it’s a must!

High West Distillery & Saloon | 703 Park Ave.

I’ve mentioned High West Distillery before, and if you’ve been here, you know why I talk about it so much. What is better than getting whiskey that they make themselves? I’ll tell you the answer, nothing…It’s award winning and it pairs great with a Bison Cottage Pie!

Yuki Yama Sushi | 586 Main St.

Let me start by saying I live in San Francisco, the land of overpriced apartments and foodies. One of the dishes that is nailed here in SF is sushi. It may not be as good as the stuff in Japan, but it’s close from what I hear. Now, if I, a San Francisco native and self-proclaimed foodie, am telling you to try sushi at a restaurant with no ocean nearby, try it. Not only was the sushi great, but the service here is out of this world.

No Name Saloon & Grill | 447 Main St.

As a foodie I know the rules to finding good dishes. One of those rules is not to be snobby and only look for good food in “high-class establishments”. No Name Saloon & Grill is decked out with a bunch of random junk and can get pretty noisy. However, give your pinkies a rest and enjoy some good drink, good people, and a local favorite: Corn Beef Panini.

Park City is known for a lot things, soon it will be known to you, as a place to get some great eats! These are the best restaurants in Park City, Utah.

Handle | 136 Heber Ave.

Handle offers not only locally sourced ingredients but also seasonal ones. It’s standards like this that have given weight to every dish made by Chef Briar Handly. I can’t talk about Handle without mentioning that they’ve been noticed by the NY Times and the chef, Briar Handly, is responsible for and deserving of that high praise.

Grub Steak Restaurant | 2093 Sidewinder Dr.

I’ll admit, after seeing a salad bar I thought it would be a bust. I gave it a shot. The steak was fantastic, and the atmosphere does nothing but compliment the meal. I mean if a restaurant like this has been around for over 40 years they’ve gotta be doing something right!

Talisker on Main | 515 Main St.

One of the things I find works the best for restaurants is when they use locally grown ingredients. Rarely does it get more local than their own rooftop. Talisker on Main uses ingredients that are grown on their own roof and those from regional farms nearby. Since they use only local ingredients, the menu often changes. That just means you get the chance to taste more than just one set menu.

Park City is known for a lot things, soon it will be known to you, as a place to get some great eats! These are the best restaurants in Park City, Utah.

Deer Valley Grocery Cafe | 1375 Deer Valley Dr.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and Deer Valley Grocery Cafe is where you’ll get a good one. The bakery churns out freshly made bread and pastries and the chefs use them to create great meals. You can even revisit for lunch and get a sandwich you will not soon forget.

Vinto | 900 Main St.

Sometimes you want a good meal and want it without the whole “sit-down joint” feel. Vinto offers you the chance to have great pizza, pasta, and a kids’ menu as well. You get all of this greatness without having to spend too much time away from the other activities you enjoy.

El Chubasco | 1890 Bonanza Dr.

I come from a Mexican home, so I judge Mexican food very harshly. Everything needs to be done perfectly or else I write it off almost immediately. While El Chubasco may not hold a candle to my grandma’s cooking (love you Grandma!), they do offer their own flavorful dishes.The staples here are: burritos, tacos, and enchiladas. But it’s the condiment station that will blow you away, use it wisely.


Written by Ray

Ray is a proud millennial that enjoys all things food, entertainment, and tech. Loving life in the San Francisco Bay Area, Ray is here to foster the foodie and connoisseur of entertainment in readers while providing a good laugh.

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