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DIY Pet Treats Person Giving a Small Dog a Treat

DIY Pet Treats that are Easy and Delicious

Pet treats can be used for so many different purposes. You can use treats to reward, to train, and just to give your pet a snack between meals. There are so many different options for treats but it is important to read the labels. You want to make sure you are taking care of your […]

Bullet journal hand drawn doodles are great ways to add personal flair to the book of your life, your day to day, and your goals for the future. Bullet Journal Ideas | Bullet Journal Tips | What is a Bullet Journal | How to Use a Bullet Journal | Ways to Personalize a Bullet Journal

Bullet Journal Hand Drawn Doodles to Add Creative Flair

If you have spent a few minutes browsing around Pinterest, you’ll notice a huge array of journal tips, ideas, and hacks. A bullet journal is a great way to keep all of your life events organized in a simple, organized, creative way. More than a day planner, the bullet journal is a chronicle of your […]

DIY Science Experiments for Kids child thinking about math equations

DIY Science Experiments for Kids at Home

Learning is easier for kids when anyone who is teaching them can make it fun. It’s almost like disguising something they don’t want to do as something they absolutely want to do. One way to make learning fun is by using DIY science experiments for kids at home. These experiments are fun ways for science […]

Elegant Bridal Shower roses

Elegant Bridal Shower Decoration Ideas 

Throwing a bridal shower for someone close to you might seem overwhelming. The process can be very tedious and time-consuming. From choosing the theme to picking out what dishes to serve, there are many steps taken to celebrate the bride-to-be. Instead of stressing about the to-do list, check out some of these elegant and classy […]

Graduates throwing caps in the air Graduation Mason Jar Centerpiece

Graduation Mason Jar Centerpieces for Girls

Planning and preparing for a graduation party can be exciting, yet overwhelming. You want to make sure everything is perfect for your grad who has accomplished so many things. Whether you are celebrating high school graduation or elementary school graduation, decorations are key! These graduation mason jar centerpieces will help to make sure your party […]

Bullet journal Easter doodles can help you get in the holiday spirit and are creative DIY ways to personalize your journal layouts. Easter Bullet Journal Ideas | Easter Collection Ideas | Easter Theme Ideas for Bullet Journal | April Bullet Journal Ideas | Easter Inspired Bullet Journal Drawings

Bullet Journal Easter Doodles

If you are new to the whole idea of a bullet journal let’s just clear that up right away. A bullet journal is one part-day planner and one part creative diary of sorts. It is meant to help you plan your days ahead and to look back and see what you have done and what […]

Faux farmhouse living room designs are not only chic living room designs, but they're also easy DIY home designs for a modern look. Small Living Room Designs | Simple Living Room Designs | Modern Living Room Ideas | Living Room Ideas Grey

Our Faux Farmhouse Living Room Designs to Inspire

Farmhouse style home decor has never been more popular. With its mix of the rustic past, but a modern sense of coziness, it’s a style that speaks to families and first apartment decorators alike. We see the farmhouse style as a breath of fresh air. The best part is, you don’t have to have a […]

Hydrogen peroxide cleaner DIY recipes are alternatives store-bought cleaners that are perfect for cleaning your home naturally and when you are low on supplies. What Strength Hydrogen Peroxide for Cleaning | Cleaning with Hydrogen Peroxide and Baking Soda | Dawn and Hydrogen Peroxide Shower Cleaner | What is the Percentage of Hydrogen Peroxide Used for Cleaning #DIY #cleaner

25+ Hydrogen Peroxide Cleaner DIY Recipes

There is a cleaner for everything these days. You might have one cleaner for your bathrooms and another for your kitchen. We use different bottles and sprays for our floors than we do for our sinks. Do we really know what is in all these cleaners? How many harmful chemicals do you unleash in your […]

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