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24 Wine Tasting Rooms in Downtown Napa

Napa is known for its numerous vineyards and history in the wine industry. Vineyards scattered around have made Napa a must-see place for wine lovers everywhere. Not only is the wine aged, bottled, and sold in Napa, but people can even taste it in the same place. The wildfires may have given people the impression that Downtown Napa is closed to business. However, Downtown Napa is strong and welcoming guests at all locations. Even if you’re not a wine connoisseur, wine tasting rooms in Downtown Napa are a fun way to spend an afternoon or evening.

Walk and enjoy Napa wines at one of their many wine tasting rooms in Downtown Napa. Napa Valley Vacation | Downtown Napa | Best Napa Wines | Where to Stay in Downtown Napa | Wine Tastings in Napa | Best Wines in Napa

Walk and enjoy Napa wines at one of their many wine tasting rooms in Downtown Napa.


The many different wine tasting rooms in Downtown Napa help visitors find exactly what they’re looking for. Not only can you taste some of the best Napa wines, you can do it in a setting that you love. Some Napa tasting rooms are casual and perfect for large groups. Other tasting rooms in Napa are more elegant and great for date night. Once you decide on what vibe you want from your wine tasting experience in Napa, you can narrow down the search. No matter where you land, you’re guaranteed to taste some fine wines of Napa.

Brown Downtown | 1005 Coombs St.

As far as wine tasting rooms in Downtown Napa go, this is one of the most sophisticated. Brown Downtown was designed to be a more urban tasting room, especially in comparison to the more rustic winery property. 

CRU @ The Annex | 1046 McKinstry St.

This wine tasting room is where technology combines with the world of wine in a beautiful, quiet setting. Wine tasting can be done by the flight, by the glass or even by the bottle.

Outland | 920 Franklin St.

Outland stands out amongst the wine tasting rooms in Downtown Napa thanks to it’s shared, contemporary space idea. There are wines to taste from POE, Forlorn Hope, and Farella.

Back Room Wines | 1000 Main Street

Back Room Wines provides visitors with the fine flavors and brands of wines that can’t be found anywhere else.

Stonehedge Winery | 1004 Clinton Street

Family-owned, Stonehedge Winery provides a limited production of wines that have kept them going for over 30 years.

Square One Tasting Bar | 1331 First Street

When you combine a wine tasting room with an educational center, tourist information booth, concierge service and gift shop, you get Square One Tasting Bar.

Napa Valley Distillery | 610 First Street

Another popular family-owned and operated micro-distillery is Napa Vally Distillery which can be found in the Oxbow Public Market.

Prime Cellars | 974 Franklin Street

After graduating from UC Davis, Ted Henry became one of the most popular up and comer winemakers in Napa.

Cadet Wine & Beer Bar | 930 Franklin Street

Napa’s biggest fan is the mind behind Cadet Wine & Beer Bar where flavors come mostly from California.

Studio M Fine Wines | 1465 First Street

Studio M Fine Wines shines a spotlight on the newest wines coming to market and has a rotating menu of new, hard to find wines.

Gabrielle Collection Taste | 1000 Main Street

If the Napa Valley lifestyle is what you’re looking for, you’ll find it at Gabrielle Collection Taste.

Walk and enjoy Napa wines at one of their many wine tasting rooms in Downtown Napa. Napa Valley Vacation | Downtown Napa | Best Napa Wines | Where to Stay in Downtown Napa | Wine Tastings in Napa | Best Wines in Napa

John Anthony | 1440 First St.

When people taste wine, they run the risk of falling in love with a specific taste, year, or maker. John Anthony is a fine wine shop and tasting bar in Downtown Napa.

Trahan Winery | 974 Franklin St.

To get his wines out there, Chuck Custodio paired up with Prime Cellars, which is known for being one of the first tasting rooms in the Downtown Napa area. Chuck’s red varietals have become well-known in Napa and the tasting room is a favorite amongst locals.

Oxbow Cheese & Wine Merchant | 610 First Street

Oxbow Public Market is a popular destination and you can enjoy the tastes of the area at the Oxbow Cheese & Wine Merchant.

Capp Heritage Vineyards | 1245 First Street

The perfect ambiance of a small, intimate tasting room can be found at Capp Heritage Vineyards.

Vintner’s Collective | 1245 Main Street

The specialty of Vintner’s Collective is that they pay no attention to the bigger, name brand wines. Instead, this collective carries the smaller, boutique wines of Napa.

Acumen Wine | 1315 First Street

Acumen Wine brings together the flavors of the old world and brings them together with new world tastes.

Mark Herold Wines | 710 First Street

A great selection of Spanish blends can be found at mark Herold Wines alongside a unique atmosphere.

Wine on First | 1463 1st Street

Three different Napa Valley wineries can be found under one roof at the Wine on First Wine Tasting Collective.

Gustavo | 1021 McKinstry Street

Gustavo was the first Latino to graduate with a degree in enology from UC Davis and that drive and determination have turned this tasting room into one of the best in Napa.

Vermeil Wines | 1018 First Street

Out of all of the tasting rooms in Downtown Napa, Vermeil Wines was the 21st and that history shows.

Jam Cellars | 1460 First Street

Wine is the star of Jam Cellars but the costar is the music that vibrates throughout the space.

Riverhouse by Bespoke Collection | 604 Main Street

One of the newest tasting rooms is the Riverhouse By Bespoke Collection and it has earned its place among the best.

Uncorked at Oxbow | 605 First Street

As far as state of the art tasting rooms goes, Uncorked is the best and can be found in the Oxbow Public Market.

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