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There is one question that plagues many of us, what do you want to do? The Best of Life has the answer. We look for the best things to do for every occasion. Looking for things to do during the holidays? We know exactly what you can do. Need something to do for a first date? We can help you impress whoever it is you’re taking out. Maybe you just need things to do so you can get off the couch for an evening. No matter what reason you have for looking for events, we have you covered. The list of events in every city is endless, from cheap things to expensive things. That long list could be the reason we’re always searching for community events. Trying to narrow that list to one specific thing is almost impossible. Luckily, the Best of Life is great at making the impossible, possible. Narrow down that list of things to do in your city with a little help from those who specialize in doing things around the world.

Experience the best restaurants in San Francisco that cover a wide array of cuisines and themes to fit your specific preferences. San Francisco Travel Guide | Where to Eat in San Francisco | What to do in San Francisco | Foodie Guide to San Francisco #sanfrancisco #food #restaurants #travel

11 Best Restaurants in San Francisco

San Francisco has just about everything you could ever want, need, or do. But this poses one small problem. The city boasts an abundance...
Traveling to Miami is a great thing for couples to do and it gets even better when you find the best free things to do in Miami for couples. #Miami #free #thingstodo | Free Activities in Miami | Free Things to do in Miami | Miami Travel Tips

Free Things to do in Miami for Couples

Miami is a great place for couples to enjoy each other’s company there are beaches galore, clubs open late and bars waiting to serve...
There are many tourist things to do in LA that gives the city life, gives the locals things to do, and make visitors feel like they’re center stage. Best Things to do in LA | Best Tourist Activities in LA | What to do in LA #LA #travel #thingstodo #LAfun

15 Best Tourist Things to Do in LA

When people travel, they often look for things to do that aren’t considered tourist activities. A lot of people would rather experience a city...
Experience all the best that San Diego County has to offer with this list of ten things you can't miss while visiting San Diego with kids. #sandiego #travel #thingstodo | Things to do in San Diego | Best San Diego Activities | San Diego Activities for Kids

San Diego with Kids | 10 Things You Can’t Miss

San Diego is one of the most popular travel destinations, and once you've been there, it's easy to see why. The county boasts everything...
Make plans to visit the best places to vacation in Mexico for singles and learn something new about you, the world, and the way you look at life. #Mexico #Travel #Singles | Best Places to Visit in Mexico | Mexico Vacations for Singles | Best Travel Destinations in Mexico

Best Places to Vacation in Mexico for Singles

Traveling alone may not be the thing people look forward to or even want to do but after you do it once it can...
Eating out with kids at the best restaurants in San Diego can be carefree and fun for everyone in the family if you dine at the best restaurants in San Diego to go to with kids. #sandiego #restaurants #food | Best Restaurants in San Diego | Family-Friendly Restaurants in San Diego | Kid-Friendly Restaurants in San Diego

5 Best Restaurants in San Diego to Go to with Kids

Parenting is hard work -- especially when your children are, well, children. Little ones seem to come with endless demands for attention and never-ending...
There are many ways to keep the costs down when expecting a child and one way is to use any of these DIY gender reveal ideas. #babyshower #DIY #party | Best Gender Reveal Ideas | DIY Gender Reveal Ideas | Gender Reveal Party Ideas

DIY Gender Reveal Ideas that Don’t Cost a Fortune

From the moment parents learn they are expecting, all the way to the child's birth, mothers and fathers experience a range of emotions. One...
Using summer decorations for an outdoor party you can create a special vibe for the party and add a level of care that will be obvious to everyone. #summerparty #DIYdecor #DIY | best Summer Party Decorations | Best DIY Party Decorations | Easy DIY Party Decorations

Summer Decorations for an Outdoor Party to Remember

Having a great summer party is a great way to celebrate the beautiful weather and spend time with family and friends. While the party...