Sunday, November 19, 2017
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Just like movies & entertainment, music is a great way to escape. There's something about certain songs that just soothe the soul and provide many different emotional responses. If you're looking for the best music to workout to or perfect songs to impress friends; maybe you need some music for a party or just want to have some sounds to fall asleep to. No matter what reason you're looking for some songs, the Best of Life can help. Emotional responses will vary depending on the song you're listening to, and everyone has different tastes. However, we can all agree that having a soundtrack to our lives would be amazing. In fact, some of us do have soundtracks to our lives. We listen to specific songs during specific situations. This is why music is important and why we want to help. Everyone deserves to know what songs make them feel whatever why they need to feel at any given moment. Without the joy of song, what else is there?

It's important to be pumped up when you want to make a deal! These are 10 songs you should listen to when you want to make a deal! Business Resources | Motivational Music | Hustle and Spark | Business Tips

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When you are about to make a deal you need to be pumped up and ready to go! These are 10 songs that will...
Everyone wants to be the cool mom, right? Download this rap playlist (and listen responsibly) to be the coolest mom in the high school pick up line.

The Cool Mom’s Rap Playlist

You want to be the cool mom, right? You know the Cool Mom–she has the perfect balance between confidant and rule maker, somehow hides veggies in...
Why should you listen to rap music with your teen? In addition to a catchy beat, it gives you an opportunity to chat with your teen about current events, respect for women, and music trends.

Best Reasons I Listen to Rap Music with My Teen

Yup, I said it. I listen to rap music with my kid. The explicit versions of songs–not the clean radio-edited ones. If your teen is like mine, they...


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