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Charcuteries boards are an easy yet elegant party food and once you know how to to make a charcuterie board, you can entertain groups of any size! Charcuterie Board Cheese | Charcuterie Board Definition | Charcuterie Shopping List | Charcuterie Amazon | Italian Charcuterie Board | Charcuterie Recipes | Charcuterie Board Pronunciation

How to Make a Charcuterie Board

How do you say Charcuterie? It is pronounced Shahr-cu-tuh-ree and it is the easiest way to get fancy with hosting parties. A charcuterie board is a board filled with finger meats, cheeses, and usually some sort of bread. People often use charcuterie boards to provide finger foods that pair well with wine. However, you don’t […]

The best Mexican wedding cookies recipes can help you taste history. Spoiler alert, history tastes like the best desserts from Mexico. Mexican Wedding Cookies History | Where to Buy Mexican Wedding Cookies | Mexican Wedding Cookies with Cinnamon | Chocolate Mexican Wedding Cookies

Best Mexican Wedding Cookies Recipes

There is a story to be told filled with history, lies, travel, and celebrations. This story has twists and turns and is actually very fascinating. You can even taste this story if you really wanted to and that might be the best part. You can learn the history of the Mexican wedding cookies recipes before […]

The best red wines under $30 offer a smooth profile and are perfect for dinners and happy hours with friends or a night in alone. What Makes Wines Expensive | Cheap Wines for Dinner Parties | Affordable Red Wines | Red Wines for BBQ | Affordable Fall Wines

10 Best Red Wines Under $30 | Mid Priced Red Wines

There have been developments in the wine community that has been becoming uncovered over the last few years. An expensive bottle of wine tastes better than a cheaper bottle of wine. However, the grapes aren’t higher value, the dirt is might be better quality but you won’t taste as much, the wine-making process is the […]

Make these delicious Christmas morning punch recipes for kids and fill your home with holiday memories your family and friends will remember forever. Christmas Recipes for Kids | Christmas Punch Non-Alcoholic | Christmas Drink Recipes for Kids | Fun Holiday Drinks for Kids | White Christmas Punch

Christmas Morning Punch Recipes Kids Will Love

There is a lot to do Christmas morning for families, especially when they have kids. However, everyone has their own Christmas morning routine. Some people prefer to open gifts as soon as possible while others prefer to share a family breakfast. There are even those families that are spending their Christmas morning on a beach […]

Put the kids to bed early or just don’t invite them to play these amazingly fun adult holiday games during your next holiday party. Funny Christmas Party Games | Enjoyable Office Christmas Party Games Ideas | Games for Holidays | Minute to Win It Christmas Games | Things to do at Holiday Parties | Holiday Party Theme Ideas

Adult Holiday Games for your Next Party

Holiday parties are fun especially when you invite those you care about. But these parties also usually have kids attending them. That means many of the things you do during the party will be family-oriented. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having family fun at a family-oriented event. In fact, it should be encouraged. But […]

These cranberry jello shots are tart, sweet and will even make your uncle’s jokes seem that much funnier at the holiday table. It’s a win/win for everyone. Jello Shot Ideas | Vodka Jello Shots | Holiday Recipes | Holiday Recipes Adults | Christmas Cocktails | Christmas Jello Shots | Cranberry Jello Recipe | How to Make Strong Jello Shots

How to Make Cranberry Jello Shots | Cranberry Jello Shots Recipe

Do you want to add a little “sauce” to your traditional egg nog this season?  This adult-only treat brings everyone’s favorite canned side dish to the pre-egg nog celebration and beyond. egg nog traditions are great but if you are turning to the same old cocktails and libations during your holiday celebrations cranberry Jello Shots […]

Spice up those fall and winter parties with colorful fall Jello shot recipes! Enjoy these fall Jello shots with family and friends! Apple Pie Jello Shots | Fireball Jello Shots | Jello Shots Ideas | Pumpkin Jello Shots | Candy Corn Jello Shots | Crown Apple Jello Shots | Green Apple Fireball Jello Shots | Halloween Jello Shots Syringes Recipes

30 Fall Jello Shot Recipes | Jello Shots Party Recipes

Jello shots are just like cocktails; there are recipes for every occasion. That is part of what makes jello shots so fun, besides the fact that you’re getting a drink in jello form. Fall jello shot recipes take cues from the season like apples, pumpkins, and of course, the holidays. There are many ways to […]

How long does it take jello shots to set? It’s important to know the answer to this question when making jello shots for your next party! Jello Shot Ideas | Malibu Jello Shots | Margarita Jello Shots | Whiskey Jello Shots | Strawberry Jello Shots | How to Make Strong Jello Shots

How Long Does it Take Jello Shots to Set?

Jello shots are fun to bring to any party where there will be legal drinking. But making jello shots is not as fun as enjoying them. You not only have to make jello but you also have to add the fun. But any cook knows that you completely change the cooking time when you add […]

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