Baby Boy Gift Ideas that Rock

Buying gifts for friends and family can be tough, especially when they're babies. These baby boy gift ideas will make you look like a gift buying pro!
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Lately we seem to be back in the season of babies! Friends and family are all being blessed with bundles of joy. The first thing we all want to do is spoil them with great gifts! The hard part is coming up with baby boy gift ideas that rock. Of course we want them to have amazing blankets, clothes, toys, bottles, the works; more than that, we want them to have awesome gifts that will make both their life, and mom and dad’s life easier! Now you can look like the rockstar friend, aunt, uncle, etc. with these baby boy gift ideas that rock.

Buying gifts for friends and family can be tough, especially when they're babies. These baby boy gift ideas will make you look like a gift buying pro!

These baby boy gift ideas will make you look like a gift buying pro! Everyone will love these top rated baby boy gift ideas.

Baby Bandana Drool Bibs

Now your favorite little snuggle bug can look like a fancy little cowboy! These adorable baby bandana drool bibs will keep them looking adorable and dry. No drippy chins here, and they come in an adorable variety of prints and patterns.

Wooden Name Puzzle

Personalized gifts are the best! In today’s world, it’s getting tough to find name items that are personalized correctly. Usually the letters are off or just a little different. With this custom wooden puzzle you can add up to 9 characters. Create a unique and amazing gift to add to a gift basket or deliver on it’s own for your new favorite crush.

DC Comics Batman Teether

Uhhh exciting much?!? Now this is one of those baby boy gift ideas that really rocks. Every parent will tell you (or soon find out the hard way) that you can never have enough teething toys. Everything they pick up better be good for gnawing. Why not let that cutie gnaw on something so trendy and adorable. They come in Wonder Woman and Superman too!

All About Me | First Year Memory Book

This is a great way to allow mom and dad to chronicle their first year with a new baby. If you want to really bump this up into the best baby boy gift ideas of all time: keep it with you and fill it up on the down low. Give it to them on their first birthday as an even more special and unique gift!

Baby Car Seat Mirror

The first time you have to take your new baby out of the house and into the car on your own can be stressful. I think these baby car seat mirrors are the best invention ever. Not only do babies have a ton of fun looking at themselves, you can easily check on them with just a glance in the rear-view mirror. It provides a fun entertainment for baby and a piece of mind for the driver. Two birds, one stone.

Animated Flappy The Elephant Plush Toy

This adorable little elephant didn’t make the toy of the year list for no reason. This is an awesome addition to the list of baby boy gift ideas. It’s soft, huggable, and it sings! It sings “do your ears hang low” while flapping it’s big ears, and it plays peak-a-boo. Seriously adorable for all kids and adults alike. It talks to baby in a cute little voice and those big ears are perfect for personalization..hint hint…craft project

First Year Monthly Milestone Animals

These come in ties, animals, and bow ties. You can pick your favorite, the gift remains awesome. Parents can lay out a blanket, stick this felt marker down next to baby, and snap an adorable photo for their memory books. That first year flies by and the changes in baby are evident almost daily. Help mark those moments occasions with these adorable markers.

Marotaro ‘Miyazaki’ Designer Teething Necklace

Again, you can’t go wrong with teething products. This one is just too adorable not to include. I love that it’s a necklace. You can wear it while carrying baby around without feeling like a total fool, baby can wear it while hanging out and gnawing on the “beads” and it has a safety breakaway clasp so there’s no worry of baby getting tangled up or caught!

Graco Pack ‘n Play Playard

One of the best ways you can rock the whole baby boy gift ideas scene is by giving mom and dad some time to themselves. You can babysit…or you can gift them an awesome pack n’ play which provides a safe space for baby to hang out while mom or dad runs to the bathroom or for a secret stash of chocolate hidden in the kitchen. Honestly, this gift is like giving them an extra set of hands. They don’t have to worry about baby for a few moments which is hard to do!

Wheely Bug Plush Toy, Hedgehog

Okay, aside from being really freaking adorable, these wheely bug plush toys are great. They make an excellent option for baby boy gift ideas because those little guys will be on the move…and fast. This is a toy that can keep them occupied and help them learn motor skills. They’ll have a blast riding it all around and learning how to zoom their little creature buggy.


  1. These are some great gifts for baby boys. The first year memory book is definitely a highlight of your list, a great way to record the development of the baby.

  2. I love these gift ideas for boys. That hedgehog is so adorable! We have a 15 month old boy that would love it!

  3. I always try to give gifts that are going to help them learn. These are all awesome as well. I love that there’s a batman teether! Perfect for boys, indeed.


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