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Funny Smartass Quotes About Relationships Man and Woman Dancing

Funny Smartass Quotes About Relationships

  Relationships have ups and downs, just part of spending your time with someone; no matter how long. The ups are great and we will annoy our family and friends with those stories until we’re blue in the face. But funny smartass quotes about relationships can help with the downs. The best smartass quotes about […]

Funny Smartass Quotes About Work Lego Figure of a Man in a Suit Sitting at a Desk

Funny Smartass Quotes About Work

 There is nothing wrong with being a bit of a smartass. In fact, some would say that sarcasm is the best form of humor; and we all could use a laugh at work. That is why funny smartass quotes about work are so perfect.  We all need a good laugh from time to time; funny […]

Some movies are amazing and can be enjoyed with whoever you want. Other are simply the best movies to never watch with your mom. Netflix Movies | Best Movies | Movies to Watch Alone #netflix #movies #stream

Best Movies to Never Watch With Your Mom (or Parents!)

 People will say the sex scenes are well done, the language is beautifully written and the violence fits perfectly in R-rated movies. The problem is, these criteria often make movies also fall under the category of best movies to never watch with your mom. The story, writing, and acting, of course, make a good movie […]

Parenting is difficult in this new age of technology but now, using the best IFTTT recipes for parents, you can make technology work for you! Easy IFTTT Recipes | Parenting Tips| Technology Tips #IFTTT #parenting #techforkids #security

10 Funny Parenting Quotes | Hilarious Parenting that Keeps it Real

 It’s important to laugh at rough moments in parenting and realize you’re living through something every parent understands and is probably going through at the exact. same. time. Being a parent, you will surely appreciate these funny parenting quotes! Even if you love your children as much as possible, we all can relate. “The quickest […]

Hilarious Smartass Quotes Man Smiling While Outside in a Forest

Some of the Best Hilarious Smartass Quotes

 What is being a smartass? Would people rather you be a dumbass? The point is, it is better to be a smartass than a dumbass; we all can agree on that. But maybe you need a little help expressing those intelligent feelings. Be smart; use hilarious smartass quotes. The most hilarious smartass quotes can help […]

Cute Cat Quotes to Make you Smile White Cat Laying Down Upside Down

Funny and Cute Cat Quotes to Make you Smile

 Both cat people and dog people groups of people can appreciate some funny cat videos or quotes. You cannot escape the cuteness that is associated with cats, even if you are not a fan of seeing them in real life. Luckily, the internet has a plethora of cat videos, memes, gifs, and even some funny […]

Backyard BBQ's go on all year round! Here are ten of the best backyard games to make your party a total blast! Things to do Outside | Outdoor Games | Games to Play Outside #summer #backyard #games

10 Best Backyard Games for Parties

 One of my favorite things about living in a warmer climate is being able to be outside more often. We love hanging out together as a family or with friends enjoying fun in the sun.  Fun in the sun and summertime mean backyard parties and lots of them and having activities and games to keep […]

Funny Wine Glass Sayings should make you smile and get your imagination going so uncork a bottle and make a list of your own sayings while you enjoy a glass of wine! #winequotes #wine | Funny Wine Quotes | Funny Quotes | Best Quotes | Quotes About Wine

10 Funny Wine Glass Sayings | Wine Glass Gifts

 One or two…or even an entire collection of funny wine glasses are a fun alternative to traditional glasses for enjoying a night in with friends, relaxing after a particularly challenging day, or giving as a perfect gift to your wine-loving friend. There are different wine glasses for different wines: glasses for red wine, white wine, […]

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