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Muffin Top Workouts | Exercises for your Obliques

 Muffin top workouts will not only get rid of those sides but also raise your confidence levels. Remember those skinny jeans you have in the closet that fit fine but shine a spotlight on your muffin tops? Use specific workouts so that you can wear them again with confidence.
Muffin top workouts can help you banish the stubborn fat around the waistline once and for all. Best At Home Workouts | How to Lose Weight | How to Lose a Muffin Top | At Home Weight Loss | Fitness Tips | Workout Tips | Home Workouts | Home Fitness Tips | Oblique Exercises | Oblique Workouts #weightloss #homeworkout


The dreaded muffin top is something that’s hard to get rid of, and many people have them. Even if you flatten the belly through rigorous workouts, you may still have the muffin top. But like any other part of your body, there are specific exercises that can help rid you of this curse.

Muffin top workouts can help you banish the stubborn fat around the waistline once and for all. Working out can be effective with no gear. If you really want to get serious about your workout you might try adding in some mats, free weights, a roller for doing ab workouts, and even some in home exercise equipment.

If you don’t have to go to the gym to get on the elliptical or the treadmill you have no excuse!

Muffin Top Workouts WOman Standing in a Locker Room Wearing Workout Clothes

Muffin Top Workouts | Standing Oblique Crunch

Muffin tops, love handles, obliques, no matter what you call them you need to work them out. Like any good workout, we need to start with the warmup. The standing oblique crunch is where we will start for the love handles.

All you need to do is stand in place and lift your leg up. At the same time and on the same side, bend to the side, so your elbow touches your knee. You’ll want to do 30 to 50 reps per side with a total of three sets. That means if you do 30 reps, you’ll finish at 90 total reps.

Side to Side Muffin Top Workouts

We aren’t rocking out to Ariana Grande here from side to side, but you can use that song for motivation. Instead, we’re going to do three sets of 30 to 50 reps. All you need to do is sit on the floor with your legs slightly bent in and lean back.

Then, grab a medicine ball and rotate side to side. The goal is to keep your back straight, little to no weight on your heels, and stay balanced using your core. Start with a 5-pound ball and work your way up. If you want to make it harder, you can lift your feet completely from the ground.

Muffin Top Workouts Woman Doing a Crunch

Muffin Top Workouts | Stability Ball Oblique Crunch

This exercise will require a stability ball, obviously. First, you’ll place your feet against the lower part of a wall and lay sideways on a stability ball. Once the ball is under your lower torso, you can get a full-bodied stretch. Come up to a crunch position until you feel the burn in your oblique.

Go back to the start position and repeat. If this is your first time doing this exercise start small with 30 reps per side.

Single-Arm Overhead Press

Another great workout requires you to squeeze your gut like you’re about to get punched. What you’ll want to do is grab a dumbbell of your desired weight before you start pressing, though. Holding the dumbbell with one hand, lift your arm above your head; think to raise the roof.

Once you’ve done enough on one side, switch hands and do the other. Amp things up by doing a lunge with the opposite leg every time you “raise the roof”.

Muffin Top Workouts Two Women Working Out in a Gymnasium

Muffin Top Workouts | Bird-Dog

Yes, the name is a bit odd, but when you actually do this exercise, you’ll understand. First, get into a table-top position on your hands and knees. Align your hands with your shoulders and your knees with your hips. Now, lift your left arm straight out in front of you and your right leg straight out behind you.

Hold both limbs out for 5-10 seconds then lower back into place and switch arms and legs.


As you can see, most of these exercises are simple, and this next one is no different. First, get into the push-up position. Align your hands with your shoulders and make sure your body is a straight line. One at a time, lift one leg a bit off the ground and swing it out to the side.

The goal is to make sure your knee is NOT bent. Switch legs and repeat as many times as you can through the burn.

Mountain Climbers

Some of us may remember doing these in P.E. class, and they are a great oblique workout. Again, get into the push-up position with your hands aligned with your shoulders. Raise your right knee toward your left elbow, straighten it out.

Once straightened, move your left knee toward your right arm and return. Repeat this as many times as you can in one sitting. Always remember that fitness goals like muffin top workouts are found in the kitchen but working out is half the battle.

These workouts paired with some great diets will help you get the results you want. Also, be sure to keep track of everything you’re doing, weights used, foods eaten, and total weight so you can stay on the right track.

Muffin top workouts can help you banish the stubborn fat around the waistline once and for all. Best At Home Workouts | How to Lose Weight | How to Lose a Muffin Top | At Home Weight Loss | Fitness Tips | Workout Tips | Home Workouts | Home Fitness Tips | Oblique Exercises | Oblique Workouts #weightloss #homeworkout

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