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Health and fitness are both important to living well. There are many ways to tackle health and fitness in your life. The best health tips and fitness tips will help you figure out how to integrate them into your life. Once you dive into the world of health and fitness, you’ll find that food and recipes are the most important things. What we put into our bodies will directly affect both health and fitness. The Best of Life has the recipes you’ll need, the tips you’re looking for, and the ideas you think about that will help you live healthier. Healthy recipes are key but that’s not everything. There are also things like products, organization tips and more that will all contribute to the health goals you may have. When it comes to fitness, half the battle is done in the kitchen. This is why we provide plenty of different recipes. We can help you win half of the battle, the rest is up to you.

If you are ready to do this Whole30 thing, gather your lists, make your meal plan, and save this list of 21 Whole30 friendly sauces and dips. #whole30 #healthy #recipes #snacks | Whole30 Sauce Recipes | Whole30 Dips | Best Whole30 Snack Recipes

21 Whole30 Friendly Sauces and Dips to Compliment a Meal

Whole30 has changed lives since 2009 by teaching millions how to push the reset button on their health, choices, and food triggers. Whole30 claims...
Sometimes your body is lacking the essential nutrients it needs to help you lose weight efficiently; get help with the best juices for quick weight loss. Best Juices for Weight Loss | Best Juice Recipes for Juicing | Best Juicing Recipes #weightloss #quickweightloss #juicing #recipes

Best Juices for Quick Weight Loss

Juicing for weight loss has become one of the most popular ways to lose weight fast.  It’s definitely not a new concept or a...
By understanding how exercise helps stress, you can be equipped to make healthy choices to manage your stress naturally. #exercise #healthyliving #stress | How to Relieve Stress | Benefits of Exercise | Stress Reducers

How Exercise Helps Stress | 10 Things to Know

Nearly everyone knows that regular physical exercise is one of the most recommended ways to maintain or improve health. It's obvious that physical exercise...
There are several ways one can use a fitness bullet journal to track fitness habits and reach health goals. One way is through a strategically-designed weekly spread. Fitness Tips | Best Fitness Tips | Easy Fitness Tips | Fitness Bullet Journal Tips | Easy Fitness Bullet Journal Tips | Best Fitness Bullet Journal Tips | Fitness BuJo Tips | Fitness BuJo Ideas

Fitness Bullet Journal | Weekly Spread Ideas for a Healthy Life

Many people desire new methods for achieving a healthier lifestyle and higher level of fitness. Some turn to nutrition, like the ketogenic diet. Others...
Do everything you can to make sure that your heart is happy by choosing the best foods to eat for heart health. Heart Healthy Foods | Healthy Foods | Best Foods for Heart Health | Best Healthy Foods | Heart Health Diet | Best Heart Healthy Foods

10 Best Foods to Eat for Heart Health

One of the most popular reasons to eat healthy is to lose weight. However, our diet dictates more about our health than just our...
The best clean eating recipes will help you figure out how to avoid processed foods and live a healthier lifestyle, one meal at a time. Clean Eating Recipes | Best Clean Eating Recipes | Easy Clean Eating Recipes | Clean Eating Chicken Recipes | Best Clean Eating Chicken Recipes | Easy Clean Eating Chicken Recipes | Healthy Recipes | Easy Healthy Recipes

21 Clean Eating Recipes with Chicken | Clean Eating Diet Recipes

The idea of clean eating is easier than practicing the concept in everyday life. Simply put, the idea of clean eating is avoiding processed...

15 Quinoa Breakfast Bowl Recipes To Start Your Day

Quinoa is more than a fad food.  Breakfast is more than just another meal.  You wake up in the morning needing energy and nutrition...
Easy zucchini recipes can become the best low carb recipes and fit into any diet plan without even trying. Zucchini Recipes | Easy Zucchini Recipes | Best Zucchini Recipes | Low Carb Recipes | Health Benefits of Zucchini | What Makes Zucchini Healthy | Why Eat Zucchini to Lose Weight | Easy Keto Recipes | Easy Low Carb Recipes

Healthy Zucchini Recipes for Lunch or Dinner

There is no such thing as a food you can eat that will burn all of your fat overnight. Thankfully, there is something close...